Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Tribute to a White Owl

By Cal Orey

As an author-intuitive I often am hypersensitive to change, whether it be in people, seasons, lunar cycles or nature's wrath. It has been said that being able to see things can be a gift and a curse. I agree. But it doesn't make coping any easier...

A White Owl Told Me
I got a warning just the other day. When I was walking my Aussie a white owl flew over us. At first I thought, "A good omen!" But when returning home I researched the meaning. It can mean death is coming or some people believe it also can be a good sign with many meanings, including good fortune.
At first when my Zen cat was seen by the vet this week and a dental cleaning was scheduled, I decided the owl sign was linked to the loss of one tooth. The omen was finished. But still my mind wouldn't let go of the symbolic end notion. I thought about my dog--healthy and safe; same with my sibling and myself. But then I was hit by a sobering awakening. 

Politics Spin Out of Control
Unless you are off the grid or live in a cave or on another planet, there is no way to escape the disharmony during pre-presidential election day. As an empath I can sense the anxiety, anger, fear, and confusion of people around the nation and globe. Whoever wins the election on Tuesday will not give us instant harmony. True, we will exhale that the mud slinging is over but it really hasn't even begun. I wrote on one site the words, "Enough! We are embarrassing ourselves as a nation." More than 100 likes and still spiking. 

Fall Back, Fall is Here
And yes, we did gain an hour of shut-eye. On the upside, I woke up to seeing pine trees. No floodlight was on and it was a serene awakening. Next up, the Aussie and I enjoyed a morning walk to adapt to the light change. Due to the drought I don't foresee a lot of  black ice in the near future but when it does occur (and it will), walking the pooch in the dark will not be an option. So yes, the early walk was refreshing.

Cabin Fever, Comfort Superfoods
It's been about one month that the resort pool has been down. As a devout swimmer this fact makes me frustrated. To try and stay active I've been walking the dog, raking pine needles, and vacuuming Aussie hairs...Today, to the treadmill. I'm sure one day my favorite oasis in the fall and winter will reopen but for now it's finding other ways to achieve that "endolphin" fix I crave so badly.
And on that note, baking cranberry scones, brewing a pot of premium tea, and savoring the gifts of autumn are on my agenda this Sunday. As I do these things it will help deal with the fact that I cannot control change or political chaos. 
But I can take charge of how I react to it. Today, will be a calm, relaxing and productive Sunday despite of what changes take place. And as the nature guide in Anchorage said to me during "hurricane-force" winds: "It's all good" --and from his perspective it was fine.

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