Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Senior Brittany, My Best Friend

By Cal Orey

This dog has been featured msnbc back in 
2006/2008 for sensing quakes
A Tribute to My Senior Dog--a Pre-Birthday Reflections of the Past

Yesterday it was my plan to take both boys, senior Brittany and Aussie pup to the vet for nail trim. Also, I wanted to see if Simon's should lump has grown since it's a benign wait-and-see...

As the day progressed, I began to feel uneasy. I home cleaned his teeth and noticed the back teeth needed more than I could do--much like us going to get our teeth professionally cleaned. So, after the water pik (he loves it), I sensed it was going to be a one dog appointment. 

I was right. No need to go under totally since I've been doing home upkeep but the good doctor gave Simon a strong sedative so he could clean under the gum line. When my boy came home I was surprised. Instead of groggy, he was out of it. He could not walk. It whooped my boy. (The bad part was it gave my sibling and I flashbacks of his counterpart, Brittany 2, Seth, whom developed a neuro disorder and lost all balance.)  Read: Last night was a challenge for all...
May 15, a new day...Simon? All is good. No worries.
Today, is a new day. Simon is back, but a tad subdued. The good news: The lump on his shoulder has not changed. No worries--for now. Overall, this dog has been blessed with good health. At four, he was bit by something in Reno. (Nose surgery to cure the invasion of tissue; a scar is barely visible, a sign of my canine warrior.) Last September, a small lump on his forehead (removed, benign).  One time he got into old sour cream; and there was the duo Brittany chocolate incident. He survived the bad food effects. And that's it. He is my strong boy.
Simon's fur grew back after the lump was removed
Pooch has gone to book signings with me, from
Chico, Carson City, San Jose, Sac, and SF

The thing is, as our canines age it is difficult. Like us, they develop odd lumps and bumps. Dental visits sometimes present gum problems. Health maintenance is a priority. Senior dogs deserve tender loving care and awareness of us, their caretakers. And Simon? He's been with me since 8 weeks old. We're talking more than a decade. On May 28, he will be 11...some number crunchers believe he's nearing octogenarianland in human years. But I've had three good friends in their eighties; their wisdom priceless. 

I am not an ageist when it comes to two-leggers or four-leggers. The cool thing about senior dogs is that if you've been together since puppyhood, you know them. They get you. Simon is my number one canine. He's accompanied me on Barnes and Noble book signings. He's helped me sense oncoming earthquakes and has made national news, even and Coast to Coast AM for his "hits". He was best friends with a sensitive Rat Terrier and lovable Seth, my beloved Britt whom I lost to the angels due to an unforgettable neuro disorder at the young age of six. Simon sensed his pal was "off" and he was my rock when his best friend left us to the other side. He grieved with me. He grieved alone...
My Brittany duo, from different lines, look the same

And then along came our Healing Pup, Skyler, the fun-loving Australian Shepherd. Life goes on. 
Young Aussies keeps Brittany younger

And today, Simon is my happy, healthy Britt whom I love. But he knows that. We are connected till death do us part.   I am happy and proud to be his best friend. A happy pre-birthday to my dear canine.

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