Thursday, May 8, 2014

Here Comes the Updated and Revised OLIVE OIL Book

Coming to you January 2015... from the original popular book The Healing Powers of Olive Oil published by Kensington. NEW studies, home cures, stories, and cutting-edge, surprising information! The 2nd edition boasts original/tested down-to-earth heart-healthy comfort food recipes! 

But the popular 1st edition (still available) includes amazing recipes that'll be replaced.  It's offered in both tradeback and mass market formats--perfect to pair with The Healing Powers of Vinegar (27th printing) and The Healing Powers of Honey.

Not to forget the other two books in the reader-friendly Healing Powers series, The Healing Powers of Chocolate and The Healing Powers of Coffee--all superfoods (for your body, mind, spirit) that belong in the household!

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