Monday, July 15, 2013

Water is the Cure for Summer Blues

The Healing Powers of Water

This summer I realize just how important water is to me...

Fish: During the heatwave, I lost more than 20 fish in two aquariums. The water got too hot and the fish ended up miserable and went to Fish Heaven. I was sad, depressed...But when the new shipment arrived, I and my new fish--a variety of goldfish in a all colors--gave life to my home.

Swimming:  This summer tourists have come to Lake Tahoe, as usual...And as usual, I try to dodge the overflow of people. I switch from my fave indoor resort pool to an outdoor one. If I don't swim to get those feel-good endorphins moving, I end up feeling like one of my unhappy fish of a week ago. And my mantra, "Fall is coming" keeps me happy as I swim laps like a fish.

Dogs: My Brittany and Aussie love to walk by the Lake and drink water. I know they'd love to swim in it but recently it's been full of tourists and wayward dogs so their swimming days are on hold for a bit. Still, often they get to trip by the Lake Tahoe (Simon, my Britt, has been in a hotel pool in Chico, Calif.)... But they both seem to be happy to be outdoors as well as greeted by people--locals and tourists until they go and can enjoy the many beaches to themselves.

Coffee to Bottled Water: Java in the A.M. (as noted in The Healing Powers of Coffee), water throughout the day, and herbal tea a few times each day keep me hydrated and happy. I cannot imagine a summer day without H20 for me or my dogs. Water is essential to life year round.

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