Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Visit from a Dear Friend in Heaven

By Cal Orey

Yesterday afternoon my Siamese mix 3-year-old cat Zen did something odd. He stared at the top of a bookcase--the middle one--in the dining room and he jumped up on top of it as though he saw something. He never did this before despite his athletic feats. Low and behold, a large and favorite cactus plant and pot fell and shattered in pieces onto the floor covered with an off white rug. Mess. And I began to clean up the dirt. 

The rub is, the photo on the left of this post and the other photo of my two Brittanys fell one after another as I was on the floor. As an intuitive, and one who channels to the other side for people on phone psychic networks, I have to say that I feel my past Brittany Seth paid me a visit to say, "Hello. I'm okay. I miss you."  I strongly felt his warm presence in the room. And yes, I do believe in signs.

Later, I told my sibling about the event. He didn't say I was crazy. After all, when our dad passed, a week or so after, my brother got an uncanny visit when the clock stopped at the time he passed. My father had a sense of humor and we believed he did this in a joking manner to show us that he was in a better place. A thumbs up for us.

So, as I recall, this incident yesterday happened immediately after a neighbor told me her mother had died; I shared that I lost my Sethie in November. You may or may not believe in the hereafter and communicating with the dead--until you experience it. And it's eerie but fascinating. 

Today, I remember yesterday--making a connection with my dog. It was spooky, startling, and a welcome surprise. (I did have the reconnect dream and also have telepathically talked to him via dangling conversations.) I miss my orange and white Britt so much. He stole my heart for six years and the bond cannot break.

But life here on Earth goes on. I sense my Seth approves of my sweet and healing pup Skyler, a giving Aussie that sports a feel-good smile. Plus, Simon, on the right, is warming up to his new dog pal.  It was a sign from above and I got it. And yes, now I do believe there is a Dog Heaven.

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  1. So sorry to hear of your loss. Losing a loved one, whether they walk on two or four feet, is very painful and difficult.

    Thank you for writing such a wonderful blog. If you have more experiences like this, please share...

    And yes, your Sethie was saying hello, our love will never be broken, and I am with you...

    <3 A L W A Y S <3