Sunday, July 7, 2013

Skyler's Scoop: Dancing with the Pup

Dog Day Afternoons

By Cal Orey       

We are almost out of the heat wave--not fun. While my two dogs and cat survived my goldfish did not make it.  I'm talking more than 10, less than 20 gold, white, and black beauties. Worse, there are no freshwater fish available on this side of the Lake until Thursday. The fish gods are punishing me. I have semi-ghost aquariums....Very sad. I haven't lost this many swimmers for a long time. 
The worst losses were when I moved to Tahoe in July of 1999. My long-time beloved blue betta, Shakespeare was cooked in the 105 degree heat. And, of course, in July of 2007,  Romeo and Juliet didn't survive the Angora Fire, thanks to a well-meaning non-fish neighbor who killed them with kindness. So much for July and fish.
But my 7 month old blue merle Aussie? Look at him, my fun-loving dance partner! He is my little man, come rain or shine, probably at 35-36 pounds now. Ironically, I am dressed like his black, gray, and white markings. So, as I wait for the shipment of new fish to come to town this Thursday, I will feel a void for four days without fish despite my fur kids.
These days, I have to add that I do not like the sizzling heat or rowdy tourists with their wayward dogs. It's a zoo gone wild out there! I want to swim tomorrow but I know the pools around town will be filled with chemicals. Not a local's dream. This saddens me, too. I am a mermaid at heart. I crave a good swim. It's time to dance with the pooch to help me forget the fish loss and speed up stocking the aquariums with new swimmers. Life goes on with my healing pup who has helped me each day to remember my former Britt Seth and rejoice the future with a giving four-legger with a heart of gold and wiggle butt that makes me smile, time after time, because it shows he's happy.

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  1. That's the CUTEST dance partner I've ever seen... May I cut in ? :)