Friday, June 21, 2013

Skyler's Scoop: Guess What Pup Ate?

By Cal Orey
OMG! I Can't Believe What's in My Pup's Mouth!

I woke up this morning at 5:00 AM for my Aussie's daily potty business, feeding, and playtime. Ugh! So much energy he has and I'm envious and annoyed. He tried bothering me, the cat, and dog. We were all anything but smiling.  It was still dawn and more sleep was wanted by all--except Skyler...

Fast forward to around 9 AM. Marley & Me dog sequel!  My fun-loving fur child had a piece of my white dental floss (not a necklace) dangling in his adorable mouth... Before I snagged it (I am quick but he is quicker), down the hatch. Gone! One call to the vet later: "Induce vomiting" was discussed. We had an hour or so for doctor's orders. Gosh, I have never seen my 7 month old baby let the fishies out. 

But I remained semi-calm. Actually, I was surprised to get the return call. I sensed what goes in will come out. All will be good. NOT. The phone rang when I was finishing my last bite of bagel. (That reminded me of my former Brittany Seth who ate a bar of ivory soap, a cube of European style butter, two ear plugs, a bag of six bagels with the plastic wrapper, and the dark chocolate truffle.) So, I knew the drill.  I gave the antidote and Skye lapped it up ASAP. Like I said, he's smart.

With the cool, calm, collected vet tech on the phone with me, I took my boy outside and we waited for him to show the cues of  getting rid of his two small meals. Five minutes later, I knew from experience it was working. Three times. And, of course, the tech told me after I'd have to go through the mess piles to find the long string. 

Mission accomplished. I found the floss intact! Dog survives the Dental Floss Incident. Whew! And the thing is, the day has just begun.

UPDATE: Before 1:00 PM, Skyler is back to himself. He's herding Zen, my Siamese mix and ready to go. Ah, the trials and tribulations of being owned by an Australian Shepherd is just beginning.

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  1. Hi Cal! Just wanted to let you know I am now a follower of your blog and I love what you write about! U R following me on Twitter, please stop by my blog if you have a minute- looks like we have a lot of "earthy" things in common :)