Saturday, June 8, 2013

Skyler's Scoop: The Poop on Puppy Power

By Cal Orey
My Aussie is Growing Up into a D-O-G

It's official. I am in love with fluffy Skyler, my blue merle Australian Shepherd who still has hazel-amber eyes. Born on December 1, that makes my boy about 6 1/2 months and nearing 30 pounds. And today, Saturday I promised him and his buddy Simon that they'll get a long trail walk, socialization at an outdoor mall, long drive around the Lake...
As a sporting breed dog girl, never thought I'd fall for a working dog. But he's got a bit of all my past dogs in him. As a kid, I had a Norwegian Elkhound (Skye's coat is like Ole's.) His loving temperament is like my late Seth, a giving Brittany. The protection he provides already reminds me of Stonefox, my black Lab companion whom I traveled across America with when I was in my early 20s. And that's not all...
So, as we grow up together I confess that he has stolen my heart as did Sethie. He's helping the healing process even though I channel Seth almost every day. We miss each other so much but we are apart--the now and hereafter. But life goes on. And yes, Skyler is doing his job by keeping my Siamese kitty Zen and Brittany Simon happy and healthy. Ah, the energy and love of an Aussie is simply wonderful.

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