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2013 Forecasts: Quakes, Weather, Money...

I Feel the Earth Move…
By Cal Orey
My cabin at Lake Tahoe in the winter.
The talk of end days on December 21, 2012 seemed to fizzle as the year ended despite a potpourri of challenges around the globe. Instead of the sky is falling chatter, talk of 2013 entered with a buzz about a drop in national unemployment, pros and cons of Obamacare, new jobs, tax increases for the rich and cuts for the poor–not the end of world.
            While I didn’t sense the lights wouldn’t go out around the globe (but blackouts did occur thanks to hurricanes and earthquakes), I am picking up vibes that in 2013 humanity will face more dark challenges. Blame it on two planets: Uranus (change) and Pluto (money) that’ll affect political chaos, wars, financial woes, and natural disasters.
But the upside is, Earth changes and man versus man happenings have occurred since the beginning of time and the planet will survive. Take a peek at what I see for the upcoming months in the New Year.
A Mixed Bag of Predictions for 2013
1. Earthquakes
* While in 2012 the West Coast did rock and roll in Northern, Central, and Southern California, we still await an overdue shaker.  A 6.5+ may rock the San Francisco Bay Area—on the Hayward or San Andreas Fault.
* A catastrophic earthquake could also rock Greater Los Angeles. It’s possible it could be the “Big One.” (*It still could occur before 2013.)
*  The Cascadia Subduction Zone that stretches from Vancouver Island to Northern California is also capable of producing a significant quake and tsunami this year.
* Alaska (near Anchorage or the Aleutian Islands) may be rocked by a great quake as happened in March 1964.

2. Weather Events
While the planet Uranus lines up with Pluto twice in 2013, sizable shakers and climate chaos around the globe is in the cards. Perhaps, there is something to global warming and we will see more effects including more flooding in coastal regions around the U.S., and wild fires during the summer into the fall.  The Sierra in California-Nevada will get a few newsworthy snowstorms—a possibility of flooding in early January and spring, as the Midwest, especially, and Northeast will endure severe snowstorms. Like last year, the Gulf Coast and/or the Atlantic Seaboard will experience hurricanes and Florida or Texas may see biblical-type flooding.

3. Health Care
Due to natural disasters, people will begin to be more self-reliant and get more prepared for taking care of their own health. Home-cooking and eating healthier fare (more vegan-style meals) at schools and restaurants will be an ongoing trend as will DIY gardening and foraging. Still, people dealing with financial difficulties may turn to unhealthy high fat, sugary foods and forego exercise leading to obesity, diabetes 2, and heart disease.

4. Economy
Like in 2012, people (of all ages) will work harder for the money. While talk of falling back into recession is abuzz, it may not happen. This year, folks will be more creative and work two jobs to make ends meet. The global financial crisis will continue to affect the American economy but some industries will do better than in 2012. This, in turn, will spawn more budgeting and simpler bohemian ways to live almost like a blast from the past back to the freewheeling Sixties and Seventies.

5. On the Fringe
While humans battle known Earth changes, a Solar Super Storm could hit the U.S., creating mega disruption including delaying airline flights and technology. Lake Tahoe may get an overdue major earthquake-tsunami-like shake-up that would get worldwide attention and humanitarian help. Also, volcanic activity in Alaska, Yosemite, or Washington could create upheaval.

In 2013, we will deal with ups and downs beyond our control and face uncertainty of the future. The best part, when challenges occur—and they will—politics will be put to the side and Good Samaritans will lead us into bringing humanity together to find peace and harmony worldwide.

2012 Windfall Prediction Hits
  • During the economy chaos, the U.S. presidential election will be a tight and ruthless race. Most likely, President Obama will be re-elected, perhaps due to an event and how he handles it that occurs prior to November. Hit: Hurricane Sandy may have helped seal the deal for Obama due to his prompt action.
  • Politics will be at war–but a weird cataclysmic event may happen that will bring humanity together as one. Hit: New Jersey’s Republican Gov. Chris Christie set aside politics and put the welfare of his community first during Hurricane Sandy.
  • Japan may experience a strong aftershock (8.0,) causing worse radiation problems, affecting the environment and food chain in Hawaii, the West Coast, and other regions. Hit: On December 7, a 7.3 rocked Offshore Japan but did not cause great damage.
  •  In 2012, the Gulf Coast and/or the Atlantic Seaboard will be struck by hurricanes. Hit: On August 28, Hurricane Isaac, Category 1 hit near the Louisiana Coast; Hurricane Sandy—with its storm surges–greatly affected both New Jersey and New York City.

BIO:  Cal Orey is an accomplished author and journalist specializing in health, nutrition, science, and pets. The uncanny intuitive is a phone psychic for three international networks. She lives in northern California. Visit her website at .

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