Thursday, September 1, 2011

West EQ Forecasted on Coast to Coast Show By Intuitive Callie

Listening to CNN as I edit my latest book I got a report that Greater Los Angeles Region, Southern California rocked and rolled this afternoon. We're talking about a whole lotta folks feeling a moderate to light earthquake in a populated metro area, including San Fernando Valley (I pinpointed this region for this year). And yes, this shaker was widely felt because it was a shallow earthquake.
Actually, this temblor is no surprise. My seismically sensitive Siamese has been vocalizing up a storm/clingy to the max. I got a left ear tone about 30 minutes before (good for the West Coast). My dog Simon (proven track record as a sensitive Brittany) has been playing Velcro Canine -- even in the warm days/nights. And that's not all...
Last Wednesday night, after the 5.3 CO/5.8 Virginia/3.9/3.4 SF widely felt shallow quakes in the SF Bay Area--I was a guest on Coast to Coast. I said to George and his listeners that I sensed West Coast is next in line for a significant shaker...Very odd how these quakes are all on the same 37 latitude. And then, SF rocked again, south in the Pinnacles we got a 4.6 a few days later and it was felt all the way to Reno, 50 miles from my home at Lake Tahoe. (I also noted a potential ping pong effect with jolts in our usually shaky Golden State.)
Fast forward to today. Yes, the 4.3 could indeed be a foreshock...All the quake activity elsewhere, the seismic drought in CA, high surf, New Moon...and the other cues I mentioned above. So, Californians do what you do best--chill and be prepared. It's not over. And a stronger shaker most likely will follow before the end of 2011.
One more thing: September and October  are shaky months. I survived the October 17, 1989 World Series Earthquake that rumbled through the SF Bay Area and was felt throughout Calif. The critters in my life were hip to it before. Not to forget the San Fernando 1971 6.6 in the same region. We could see a ping pong effect like we did in our state back in June 2005. My cat is meowing (again). Head's up, Californians, my Zen is giving us a quake warning.

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