Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Major Quake Is Coming to the West Coast--But When?

 Yesterday a newsworthy 6.7 (downgraded to a 6.4) quake  hit Vancouver, British Columbia and rumbled through Seattle, Washington and was felt down to San Francisco. On August 24, I--the quake sensitive and intuitive--was a guest on two radio shows: Coast to Coast and The Mancow Show. The hosts George Noory and the Mancow asked me what's next (it was after the CO 5.3 and VA 5.8). I answered: The West Coast.

Well, this is a start but I'm strongly sensing that this is just the beginning. I, like many folks, believe in the Trigger Effect and this strong shaker could certainly produce more quakes in the region (it is a place with a history of quake swarms) or move its way down to Offshore OR/CA (especially Petrolia, Eureka or even Crescent City); SF Bay Area (East/South Bay or offshore by Santa Cruz or Daly City like the Great AK 1964 quake or October 17, 1989, 7.1). And let's not forget SoCal: San Fernando Valley (we did get a widely felt 4.2 after my cameo radio appearances) or San Bernardino. And yes, even the sierra, my home, could give us a 7.0 (it has before and could do it again).
The bottom line: Yes, the Golden State is overdue for a major earthquake. The question remains: What day will it happen? I don't believe anyone knows that but Californians know that we're living in "Shaky Country" and we're next in line. On the upside: If you have seismically sensitive companion animals, you may get a head's up. Or, if you're a quake sensitive you can tune into your cues. Either way, be prepared.
A significant quake is coming to the West Coast and more than likely it will happen September or October--but definitely before 2012. But it's like the Wheel of Fortune to the exact day and time when it's coming.
One more thing. I did shuffle the Tarot Cards. The outcome: Two Of Pentacles: Change (came up twice) and The Tower.


  1. Cal, thank you for posting this. I'm in LA and was wondering if part of your tuning in includes getting a shaky, trembling feeling but one that does not correlate with low blood sugar. My son and I are feeling very shaky and we are both highly intuitive. Aside from grounding, is there anything we can do to not constantly feel this way? Also, I too, am getting mid-October as quake time for LA/San Fran.

  2. Tea, swimming, hot tub...