Wednesday, April 6, 2011

RIP Kerouac

Yes, Kerouac, there are birds, Brittanys, mice and sunshine in cat heaven.

P.S. I will always love you, my dear sweet cat companion. You were a multi-faceted creature with an uncanny sixth sense. It will take an extraordinary feline to fill your paws. Thank you for being patient when raising my two dogs; sensing oncoming earthquakes and storms with me; our dangling conversations; keeping my lap warm when I penned articles and books; relaxing me during radio shows; purring me to sleep; and using your gentle paw to ask me if you could share my cereal and milk in the morning. I enjoyed our last bittersweet days together. You were the fearless one this morning in bed when you told me it was time to go for dignity's sake. I promise not to cry too much (I'm lying but you surely sense that, right?). Your cat trees, cat nappers, and aquariums are empty. There is a void in the house. I miss your even tempered presence that gave me balance. We'll reconnect in my dreams, my friend. Catch a mouse for me.


  1. I'm sorry for your loss. It's always hard losing our four-legged friends. He's in kitty heaven now. Remember all those good times together...

  2. My heart breaks for you, my friend. Kerouac is doing just fine up there, checking out his new territory and chasing those mice, I'm more pain and sickness for him. It's you who I worry about - I know how much he meant to you, and the oncoming days will be hard. I'm always here, just a call away, when you feel the need to talk...sending many warm, loving hugs to you.

  3. This morning I had the reconnect dream. It was good. Kerouac (although an indoor kitty) walked inside my cabin and he was happy, healthy and I noticed his white, furry paws. It was a good vision. And I woke up.


    Note: The only way I can cope with the loss of a beloved companion animal is to rescue one. Kerouac gave me a paws up after being on the quest for a feline to fill my aching heart and soul...hundreds of kitties and dozens of people. And finally, I made a cat connection.
    P.S. I will always love you K.C.