Thursday, April 14, 2011

Here Comes Peter Cottoncat and Enjou Chocolat

As a Catholic girl, I have always loved Easter--a time of renewal. When I was a kid, my mom would make a mega ordeal out of the holiday. After Sunday mass, she'd bake a honeyed ham, sweet potatoes, greens, and a vanilla and lemon filled bunny coconut cake. Not to forget my dad who always gave me and my siblings Easter baskets full of chocolates--eggs and bunnies. And, of course, we colored boiled eggs and hid them around the house and backyard.
This year, I'm starting to think about Easter baskets. Making one at home can work but so can getting a ready-made basket (or other holiday goodies) at Enjou Chocolat. I glanced at the array of Easter treats and this Easter basket would make bunnies around the globe smile. Enjou Easter Basket includes a large floppy-eared chocolate bunny, jelly bean carrot, Enjoy connoisseur collection of chocolates, 1/2 pound solid milk chocolate eggs, and more. It doesn't get much better than that...
But there is an exception. Tomorrow, the Easter Bunny is coming early for me. I pray that God's feline creature is a purr-fect fit for both of us. And something is telling me that this new kitty on its way may make the upcoming days this spring wonderful and full of life. And if my intuition pans out, an Easter basket will be an ideal way to celebrate the ressurection of a cat in my cabin to help fill the huge void of my beloved Kerouac (my muse and beloved cat companion whom recently used up his ninth life), one of the feline loves in my life. Here comes Peter Cottoncat and chocolate. "Here comes Peter Cottoncat hopping down the kitty trail..."


  1. Now what is your new kitties name going to be, Peter or Cottoncat, both are cute names actually. Enjoy your new friend.

  2. Zen--typical Siamese cat name. But somewhat ironic at the moment. We're having a little adjustment glitch with two Brittanys and new sensitive but centered kitty. Day 3 1/2... Separate quarters but mellow. One dog at a time.

  3. Almost one year later and Zen and I are in love. He sleeps under the covers with me, his paws around my waist. The Brittany duo and him get along. I know Kerouac would be pleased. K.C.'s photo and "box" is on the bookshelf nearby my bed. His amber eyes meet mine every day. He is my other cat on the other side.

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