Thursday, April 21, 2011

Down-to-Earth Intuitive Dishes It Out This Week

I'm sensing the Golden State is on a roll...

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet

This week before Easter you'd think I'd be busy in the kitchen. Not so much. The truth of the matter is, I'm getting over losing my seismically sensitive cat Kerouac (his nine lives ran out). And my Brittany duo is trying to get acclimated to Zen--my new Siamese-mix kitty who I rescued and he rescued me back. But the companion animal crisis that rocked my world isn't all...

Speaking of rocking, there is a mega sierra earthquake swarm happening as I type--and it's happening south of me at Lake Tahoe. (Click your mouse on that link and see the map. Callie and her seismic sentries are in the big circle!) Yep, Hawthorne, Nevada (near the dormant volcanoes) has been shaking it up with more than 500 earthquakes in the recent weeks this month. And this is bigger than the 2008 Verdi-Mogul/Reno quake swarm that ended up rattling my cabin at 11:45 PM, April 25. Of course, Kerouac sensed it before and gave me a head's up, as well as my two Brittanys acting out (rough housing and being Velcro pooches). And we're getting a repeat. My blue-eyed Zen (I know, I know how New Age is that) is vocalizing up a storm and is oh so affectionate (it's only been 5 days! and he's sticking to me like glue). Here come the tremors...
Tomorrow I'm going to be a guest once again on The Mancow Show. Topic? The sierra quake swarm, especially while scientists are "concerned" and their instrumenets are all over the shaky region! After all, I did tell Mancow on the last show after the Japan catastrophe(s) that our Golden State was next in line... But why does it have to be so close to home?
As an article is running right now about my confessions of a phone psychic (featured on MyDaily) you'd think I'd know the answer, right? Wrong. Sometimes, when intuitives are too close to a topic the read is fuzzy. So, I say flip a coin. The next significant shaker could hit in the Sierra south or north of me, the SF Bay Area, SoCal, or even Offshore NorCal. But I--the author-intuitive--can tell you this: as I penned in Oracle 20/20 Magazine, January issue, 2011 Forecasts, California is going to rock and roll. Count on it. I don't need tarot cards to confirm this prediction. (I randomly picked the temperance card for this post--which I just realized deals with loss and that is too spooky. So, the next card that came up was the strength card which is more positive and tells me, a Californian living on shaky ground to be prepared.)
P.S. For serious foodies who wanted a yummy Easter recipe for The Writing Gourmet, do as I do during shaky times: Detox diet. That means fresh fruit, veggies, brown rice, herbal tea, and water (one dark chocolate truffle per day). And pet the cat and dog(s) for comfort. Repeat as needed during turbulent times.

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