Wednesday, August 3, 2022

TEA and HONEY Bestseller Books on Summer Sale (ebook)

  By Cal Orey

In March 2022, The Healing Powers of Herbs and Spices got noticed in Mother Earth News. Then, The Healing Powers of Essential Oils was featured in the popular magazine FIRST FOR WOMEN (one of seven favorite books). 
And two bestselling timeless books--TEA and HONEY-- in the Healing Powers Series haven't been ignored. No way. These four  books out of nine, are must-haves to spring into a the end days of summer and edge into autumn... Don't forget The Healing Powers of Superfoods...

For the past months, The Healing Powers of Honey and The Healing Powers of  Tea have been graced with the BEST SELLER banner on the website. I also found a huge synopsis of the HONEY book; it was a synopsis quite well done and comprehensive linked to and offers the gift books. 

* Both TEA and HONEY have gone back to press many times.
*HONEY is now available in audiobook format.
* In the past months, The Healing Powers of Honey hit #1 in many categories on amazon. 

 Not to forget the "Tahoe Daily Tribune" shared an excerpt about honey cures from the honey book--and locals enjoyed it. After all, we are coping with the  allergies, erratic poor air quality, and the viruses in the mountains around Lake Tahoe. But nature's remedies, like in the Healing Powers Series, come to the rescue.

So there you have it. Tea and honey continue to get attention. And that does not surprise me but it makes me happy. Two years ago, when I was in Alaska, it was chamomile tea and honey lozenges that kept me well while surrounded by people coughing and sniffling, from airport to airport. I stayed well.

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