Monday, October 5, 2020

Coffee Book Was Revealed in Woman's World Magazine


Coffee is the Skinny Beverage
By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet

November 5 issue of Woman's World hit the stands. The cover story, "Lose 42 lbs drinking coffee!" will wake you up as it did me.
In the first paragraph, I, the one who wrote the bible on coffee, am mentioned.  ...Cal Orey, author of The Healing Powers of Coffee, says she's heard many stories like Susie's. "Umpteen women have told me they use ordinary coffee to make weight-loss magic. Even if you're already a coffee drinker, you just add a little extra coffee at key points during the day and slimming down becomes both faster and easier."
Ironically, I used to be the Diet and Nutrition columnist for Woman's World. Yep, I penned the cover stories on how to blast pounds. Every week as I ate veggie pizza, chocolate, salads, and drank coffee, I created a different weight loss plan. And, the fact was I maintained a size 2-4 throughout my role as the diet girl. 
Fast forward to present-day. I am the author of the successful Healing Powers series (translated in 20 languages). The Healing Powers of Coffee is offered (and doing well) by major book clubs including Good Cook, Crafters, Homestyle, Quality Paperback, and One Spirit.  And yes, I include an entire chapter on the "skinny beverage" as well as dozens of pro-chef recipes to help you get-stay lean and heart healthy.
I am pleased to see the Woman's World coffee headline so more women can discover the facts about fresh java and its perks--like losing unwanted weight, effortlessly. And in my new book I discuss more details, straight from high profile experts and personal experience, how exactly coffee can burn fat, facts about caffeine, and a super 2-day easy to follow fat-burning coffee diet that works without counting calories. 
Also, I devote an entire chapter to awesome flavored coffees so you can lose the fattening cream, sugar, and whip. Plus, I dish out DIY espresso recipes, too. What's more, coffee is the must-have power drink that can be a woman's best friend. And it's ideal for the upcoming hectic holidays--more energy, less weight gain.  Yes, coffee can help you fit into your skinny jeans and little black dress this year! A toast to joe!

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