Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Healing Powers Series' Superfoods Book Submitted to California Book Awards

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By Cal Orey

Okay. It's no earthshaking surprise to my health-conscious fan base of the Healing Powers Series (since 2000) that my roots are in California. Each of the eight books (working on number nine) are penned by me, a California native. I tell tales in each book about my life in the Golden State, region by region.
After all, I was born and raised in San Jose, attended and graduated from San Francisco State University, lived in Southern California (Hollywood) and spent time in Palm Springs to Barstow. I lived and loved residing in Santa Cruz Mountains, and even spent a few months with my beloved dog in Fresno. And now, for 20 years I've settled down in the Sierra (Lake Tahoe)--paradise with four seasons.

Yep, I'm a California girl at heart. Despite my journeys through the U.S. and Canada, I always come home to this state. 

This morning I awoke to a message from one of my book editors at Kensington.  My latest released book, The Healing Powers of Superfoods was submitted to the California Book Awards. In college a few of California-based stories were submitted by one of my professors. She thought they were worthy and off they went to the Henley Awards.

I found this tidbit on Goodreads: "Since 1931, the California Book Awards have honored the exceptional literary merit of California writers and publishers. Each year a select jury considers hundreds of books in search of the very best in literary achievement. Eligible books must be written while the author is a resident of California, and they must be published during the year under consideration."

Even if I don't win, I am honored to be considered. In fact, I believe I dedicated my newest book The Healing Powers of Essential Oils to my muse: California. Actually, thinking about it, living in the state touted for its abundance of agricultural towns, hardworking honey bees (it is National Honey Month), and a health-oriented, green lifestyle, I feel blessed to be able to live and write about California.

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