Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Tea Anyone? It's Tea Time! Price Drop for Dog Day Afternoons, Pre-Autumn

UPDATE: Special for readers! The Healing Powers of Tea is available this month in kindle format (see the super price drop). End summer days and pre-fall are perfect for the read that can help you chill, energize, boost brainpower, slim down, and shape up. And it's a fun, fun, fun tome! I take you to faraway lands: U.S., Asia, and Canada. Pair with HONEY, SUPERFOODS, and VINEGAR companions in the Healing Powers Series... And ESSENTIAL OILS is coming to you this year.

August 1 The Healing Powers of Tea 
once again gets bestselling banner on amazon!
It's a perfect read for late summer, pre-fall
days... (Amazon, Kindle Edition special!)

Today, April 29, The Healing Powers of Tea is attracting readers on a variety of online bookseller websites, including amazon, barnes and noble, walmart, kobo, apple, and google.

This book is #6 in the Healing Powers Series... 

Also, the popular, prestigious Fairmont Hotel in Victoria, B.C., Canada will be carrying both The Healing Powers of Tea and The Healing Powers of Honey in their tearoom gift shop. Foreign rights to Estonia! I have the book! Publisher's Weekly Review! It's a favorite in the Healing Powers Series. *Essential Oils is ready for pre-order, coming this December! Oh, and the popular TEA book sold out before a book signing!

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