Friday, August 30, 2019

September is National Honey Month! Author of Tea/Honey Books Speaks: 10 Questions

By Cal Orey

 10 TEA questions answered by the 
Healing Powers series author

Cal Orey

1. Black or Green tea?
Black, of course! 

2. Hot or Iced?
Iced in summer, hot the other three seasons.

3. Chamomile or Lavender?
I'm in love with chamomile. We've gone through the best and worst of times, like a best friend.

4. Tea for afternoon or bedtime?
After dinner always.  It's quality time.

5. Milk or Sugar?
No thank you. Why? A bit of honey, maybe.

6. Energize or Calm?
Chill time. After a good swim/hot tub it's bliss. Or when arriving at a destination hotel room after traveling for miles.

7. Scones or Tea Cookies?
Fruit and nut scones, homemade please.

8. Ready to Drink or DIY Iced Tea?
Homemade with lots of ice. But on occasion I do indulge in RTD because of the sugar buzz. It's an addictive choice. 

9. Before flying--tea or coffee?
Early java, afternoon or night time--tea, herbal. Black tea at 3:00 A.M. for a 6:00 A.M. flight.

10. Lemon or Honey?
Both, sour and sweet. Fresh and raw.

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