Friday, May 20, 2016

My Dog's B-Day Would Have Been Next Week

Signs of Simon
My Soulmate with Paws
5-28-2003 - 10-23-2015

 In a week, May 28, would be my Brittany's 13th birthday. Not one day goes by where memories of this canine do not pay me a visit. I miss my dog--but I am grateful for 12 1/2 years of an awesome dog-human bond--on the road and off at Lake Tahoe. 

On October 23 a devastating challenge paid me an untimely visit. My senior dog, Simon, a beloved 12 1/2 year-old Brittany left my life. Due to an earthshaking diagnosis of dementia, a grim prognosis and the loss of a dear canine companion was an event I didn’t want to face. In retrospect, the signs to me were simply pesky aging but then it was clear to me that Simon was slipping away; gone in mind, body, and spirit… 

My favorite movie as a kid was Old Yeller and its ending of a gripping boy and his dog tale took me back to my inner child. And I cried as the real-life story happened and left me with a bittersweet ending… 

Today, I have no regrets. As I’m on the road to healing my broken heart it’s clear that Simon and I savored more than a decade together. We were bonded heart and soul each and every day. I am thankful for the wonderful days, months, years, and memories of this beautiful Brittany–both inside and outside. He was a dog to love. Letting go was the humane thing to do. No more suffering for my companion. But that’s not all…

Signs of Simon
In the past weeks I’ve received uncanny “signs” from my canine companion whom is on the other side. Some people do not believe we can communicate with the deceased.  Not so. And the stronger the animal-human bond, the more likely you, like me, will get signals from heaven…

* First, I was awakened by the reconnect dream. True, I couldn’t hold him, pet him, kiss him but I did see my boy and he was vibrant, happy, and healthy. I woke up to reality that Simon is gone but I was left in my bed (one where we slept together for 12 plus years) with a sense of calm.

* At a dermatologist’s office last week a physician’s assistant asked me if I had been crying when she looked at the puffy skin around my eyes; she sensed my pain from grief. When she left the room for a moment, the song Sounds of Silence filled the air in the room.  My eyes watered. After all, I named Simon after Simon and Garfunkel. Another connection.
* Last night when working the psychic network, I received a call while listening to more Simon and Garfunkel tunes. The caller’s date of birth May 28–the same day as my Simon’s birthday. It was another cue from the Hereafter.
* One week his collar in a basket continued to drop out onto the floor when I took my Aussie for a walk. He wanted to come with us--the pack.
* An indoor cactus plant I've had for two years, one day bloomed a single orange and white flower--it was a sign to me--and I see it each day.

Incidences, like these, have given me serenity. I needed to know there is life after death; to believe my canine is at peace; to sense that when I pass there is hope I will reconnect with this beautiful soul–a blessing, one of God’s creatures.

Life Goes On
 The truth of the matter is, two-leggers and four-leggers grieve differently. My sibling misses Simon but tells me he was prepared as he watched his dear friend age. In retrospect, my cat Zen sensed Simon’s personality had morphed and it spooked him.  Nowadays, my cat almost has his zen-like balance back. 
  And my young Aussie? He is still a bit clingy. I sense he believes his best canine pal will walk into the home any time. But sadly, this will not happen. The void is still here in my home and my heart. But we all are getting by, getting past going through the motions, and living for the moment–as Simon did, as dogs do.

Each day gets easier, whereas instead of intrusive thoughts of the end days are overshadowed of the positive memories we shared. The fridge is graced with some of my favorite photos of Simon at his best; in each room there is a reminder, whether it be a framed Barnes and Noble poster, stuffed animal, plaque, or dog bed. His presence is still here. Yes, I remember Simon.  His spirit lives as life goes on.

How to Tune In to the Afterlife for You 
* Quiet your mind and wait for messages to enter your thoughts
* Look for signs: Falling objects, electric gadgets going haywire
* Dates or numbers that coincide to the deceased
* Remote writing of initials leading you to individual’s name
* Hold onto a photo or possession of the deceased–or note if it moves to a different place

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