Sunday, May 8, 2016

Healing Powers Series: Vinegar Stays Top Dog

By Cal Orey
Home in the mountains I'm in the zone working on Sunday, Mother's Day--like I am like a pregnant woman carrying the forthcoming tea book/ But VINEGAR, my first born, is on my mind, too. After all, The Healing Powers of Vinegar, 3rd edition is coming this summer! As the new, improved book is in production I see that the 2nd edition still grabs readers.

Today, on the Walmart website the VINEGAR book maintains it's page one status with the big boys in the diet and weight loss category. Ditto for Barnes and Noble website. Not to forget the e-book held #1 bestseller status in December. Categories? Healthy Cooking and other diet genres.

There is something about this book, this topic that continues to lure the health-conscious reader. And, of course, I admit vinegar is part of my life as are the other healing foods in the Healing Powers collection.

So, it was a busy weekend in Tea World. I've learned so much and blank pages are beginning to fill up like the tea pot I poured water into for a perfect cup of tea this afternoon.

I fantasize about taking a vacation to Canada early fall to celebrate the completion of TEA; and to book signings for the release of VINEGAR. An author's work is never done.  It's tea time and time for this one to cuddle up and take a break.

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