Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Will the West Coast Shake--Linked to the Japan or Ecuador Earthquake?

By Cal Orey
UPDATE: No "megaquake" hit the West Coast on April 22 as forecasted by Geologist Jim Berkland. But his seismic windows are 8 days so...his followers wait. My West Coast earthquake prediction does have a wider window (below I note July 22 is the cut off; and also for the entire year of 2016). Yet on the earthquake website I posted:

Prediction (April 20 2016)

West Coast (B.C./offshore, WA, OR, CA)
Likely epicenters: Seattle, Offshore NorCal (near Eureka), SF, Greater Los Angeles/Coast
7.0+ Apr 20-May 21
Probability: 60%
Notes: Due to Ring of Fire earthquakes, sensitives/scientists feeling something is in the works; and other sensitive signs... (See blog post above; forecasted this Jan. 2016)
UPDATE: Today is Friday, the 22 Full Moon (mini)...I did forecast AK (anchorage) for 2016; destructive quake hit in Jan. Not it though. If and if a stronger quake hits there (again) this year or any of the regions noted above--and shallow--a tsunami alert for the West Coast will follow...If a great quake 8.0+ a big wave(s) will follow.

Last night I was a News Segment guest on Coast to Coast AM. My cameo appearance here in a nutshell: Well, I think I got 2 minutes...to dish on the recent 4 deadly quakes in 1 week and link to 2011 when the Ring of Fire quakes circled the Pacific Ocean. Remote triggering? Oh yeah. People on the West Coast from B.C., WA, OR, and CA should probably be prepared just in case we're next. You know the drill--or if u need a quickie course:https://www.ready.gov/earthquakes… ... FYI: On Jan. 31 1906 an 8.8 struck off the Coast of Ecuador. On April 18 1906 the great SF quake hit.

Here we go again. Remember 2011? The Ring of Fire Quakes were circling the Pacific Ocean. Scientists believed North America was next in line. After all, take a look at the shakers that hit hard:
* January 2: Chile 8.8
* February 22: New Zealand 6.3
* March 11: Japan 9.0

April is known as a "shaky" month.  Today is the anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco quake-fire. Fast forward to 1984 on April 24 when the Morgan Hill 6.2 earthquake rumbled through the Bay Area.  A swarm of  dolphins and whales are doing odd things in Monterey--another sign of the West Coast to move in the near future?

As an author- intuitive (I did pen the book The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes), I write an Earth Changes column every month for Oracle 20/20 Magazine (online and hard copy). I did predict that Japan would rock again (see below) and affect the West Coast. Last week the day before the second deadly earthquake in southern Japan, I forecasted it would occur soon. I looked at the swarm of quakes and got that gut instinct. Less than 24 hours later the news broke and I was unpleasantly surprised...

And now scientists are worried about the cluster of ongoing shakers in the Asian region...  Not to ignore researchers are researching the possibility of "remote triggering" and considering that distance doesn't matter when it comes to a connection of earthquakes despite it being 15,000 miles or more, much like Japan and South America--not to forget the Pacific Ocean is a link.  Take a look at my published predictions for the past and future...


Welcome to a new year with new challenges around the world.  The year of 2016 will be chock-full of Earth changes, including shakers, wacky weather, and political craziness during climate chaos with global warming effects each continent, one by one, faces the wrath of Mother Nature’s surprises. When the Earth acts out as it will each season we often prepare for safety’s sake and peace of mind.

·        Earthquakes
* While we watched the San Andreas film, a great California earthquake didn’t happen in 2015 and shake the Golden state. But it will one day. The silence may be interrupted by a major tremor… in the southern state (near the coast or San Andreas), and/or San Francisco Bay Area (epicenter in the East Bay), or offshore Northern California near Eureka.
* An underwater earthquake may create a tsunami sequel near Japan and wreak more havoc on the country as well as the Pacific Ocean/West Coast from Alaska to Mexico—affecting the land and food chain.
* A great quake like in 1964 may rock Alaska (near Anchorage) causing a West Coast big wave that’ll cause destruction in both the populated city and Washington, Oregon, and California.

·              Spot-On 2015 Predictions

*Greece was rocked by an extremely shallow and destructive earthquake in the fall.
* An autumn earthquake swarm in San Francisco Bay Area, California did occur but only a moderate widely felt shaker was the end result. 
* A tsunami alert on the West Coast—from Alaska did happen as it has before in history.
* In 2015, the year was like a sequel to the film The Day After Tomorrow with crazy climate—from South Carolina flooding to a historically warmer than normal fall in the Northeast.

For the Record. My forecast before the second Japan earthquake...On the earthquake website: Japan Quake-Tsunami Forecasted April 14, 2016, 3:30 PM... Time Frame: Now through July 22, 2016...

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