Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Day in the Life with a Working Author

By Cal Orey
Today is Wednesday. It is spring at Lake Tahoe. This is a time when locals know it's off season, a time to enjoy the quietude of the mountain town. The store, roads, vacation homes, and tourists are less than more. It's a time to rejoice, especially if you're a sensitive author like me.
A while ago, I began writing the text for my next book on tea. Like a puzzle, I input the fun and "easy" parts before I get into the meat of it all.  My pantry is full of tea blends; I've been introducing myself to different tea blends, one by one. Heaven. I confess. I'm becoming a tea snob. 
Bliss at B.C. Canada

But today I prepared for a tea break of sorts. The Healing Powers of Vinegar, 3rd edition arrived on my deck. It's page proof time. That means it's my day and night job to go back to the book and give it a final look. So, tea is on the back burner--but savoring cups of brew is ongoing. Count on it.

First it was to the pool (all mine), hot tub (all mine), store, and dog walk. Then, the new vacuum arrived. I digress. But how in an author's world can I write with Aussie hair here and there? Assembled. I wasn't going to open the big book package until tomorrow but that plan went south. I peeked. So far, so good. Everything is intact. It's like opening a present and you're hoping the gift will be everything you envisioned it to be--but even better.  And tomorrow I will go to work and read my book one more time.
Every author needs a canine companion

My job as author never stops. Like fellow writers I made some quickie stops at social media hangout spots, including Twitter, Facebook (followers seemed to like the "Have you ever used an outhouse?" post--a lot). When I fielded emails I was pleasantly surprising to be welcomed by Newsmax touting my books on Olive Oil and Vinegar. And then it was onward to check out book sales at the online booksellers, including (a new positive review for the vinegar book which has gained more than 40 reviews in about three months).

Then, I pondered about my new monthly column "QuizziCal" (a relationship quiz) and my Earth changes column for May: "Homeward Bound"--a piece about how dogs and cats can find their way home. And that's not all.
I surfed the Net to revisit hotels I stayed at during my last trip to Canada in October.   Georgia or the PNW is on my mind for fall book signings.
I paid a few more visits to Facebook and like always answered the writers' question for the day. Today I think it was about when is my favorite time to write. I answered, when I'm happy, balanced, and after a swim, dog walked, and house clean. Right. It's a challenge to have it all done. But despite my expectations of the perfect writing place, I can and have written under all circumstances and all places. But that is another story, another blog post. And that, my dear readers, is the day in the life with a working author.

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