Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring is in the Air, It's Monday

Christopher Norman's Gourmet Chocolates, My Fave
By Cal Orey

The temps are beginning to change in the Sierra pre-Easter days. Snow, what little dropped on the mountains this year has melted. We're talking high sixties this week. It's a cue that spring has sprung and off season--a time when locals enjoy Mother Nature without a hectic pace of people and traffic-- has arrived.  I saw two blue jays yesterday afternoon in my neighbor's yard. It's time to purchase bird seed to keep Zen, my indoor kitty amused as well as bird dog Simon. 

Speaking of dogs... On Saturday Skyler, the Aussie of my life, got his dog shots--all of them. After a few words of caution from the staff about post-cues, I waited for side effects: sleepiness, subdued... No such luck. Skye has boundless energy. He is the most fun-loving canine companion I have ever known. A smile on his face--always. And ready to go do it--always.

Before 8 a.m., I kept my vow for spring and hit the pool.  It was bliss, as usual. For the next two months, the pool and hot tub(s) will be all mine in the early morning. Then, it's to the outdoor water.  Swimming is a way to soothe the spirit and soul, clear the mind, and it does boost energy levels--"endolphins" to keep up with an energetic pooch.

As a news segment guest on Coast to Coast AM last Friday night, I was asked to give my take as the "earthquake sensitive" on the 4.8 earthquake at Yellowstone (not to ignore the question regarding the fleeing bison and AWOL elk) as a sign of an upcoming super volcano. So now, I'm writing a piece due in a few days on the topic that has gained worldwide interest. After all, if we were to experience a volcanic event, like this one, it would change our lives as we know it. While my time was short on the radio segment, I'm glad I didn't sound like the animated character in the 2012 film when there was a mega meltdown and our Golden State fell into the Pacific Ocean. Actually, I'm on the fence about these two potential disasters.

So, here I sit...fielding calls for the psychic networks. I wonder about my 2nd edition of The Healing Powers of Olive Oil (my 2nd child out of 5.5), and where it is in production.

Last I heard the cover copy was being edited.  Marketing my books on vinegar, olive oil, honey, chocolate, even coffee isn't difficult. But I wonder why people love vinegar more than joe.  That is an interesting article topic that is a must write. I suppose if I were stranded on an island and could have one or the other, vinegar would help wounds heal, but coffee (with water which I'd need to survive) would boost my mind, body, and spirit. 

On the topic of spirit, while this time of year is a time to rejoice the comeback of the Lord (Catholic girl in me) Easter is on its way. I sit here viewing Food Network, brainstorming ways to make a healthful carrot cake, and shun making traditional edibles like ham but a coconut cake did grab my attention. It seems like everyone loves cream cheese frosting but this treat can be good without icing (on another planet). Well, maybe muffins sweetened with nature's nectar--honey and frost half, leave half plain. Tomorrow I will decide. Yesterday, craving Easter candy, I was surprised at all the junk put into grocery store packaged candy (not like gourmet chocolate I have had) so I grabbed different chocolates, including dark, and will make marbled bark candy infused with walnuts and sprinkled ever so lightly with pastel colored ice cream sprinkles to celebrate the new season.

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