Saturday, February 1, 2014

Groundhog Day...1 Year Anniversary with Awesome Aussie

By Cal Orey

Anniversary present to Skye

Awesome Aussie keeps me smiling on beautiful day, off season at the Lake

Skye was his given name before we fit

In love before picking up on Groundhog Day
Instead of writing too many words about my deep feelings for my precious one year old Australian Shepherd--a fearless Sag, I'm going to express my love through pictures throughout the months of joy he has given me and my family. Skye is a healing pup (to help my family get through a canine loss) and has done his job well!

In one year, he's taught me how to be patient (get up at 5-6 AM --he is potty trained 100%) and sleeps on top of me despite he knows he's half my size), have more fun and be less serious, that he is smart with a capital S. Skyler's fave toy is green and he knows it from the white and red toys. He licks the kitty's ears (a political ploy that has worked and kept him from getting scratched), and he respects my senior Brittany and allows him to keep alpha position--pack leader. In less than a day he learned how to walk on the treadmill...he can sit, lie down, shake, roll over, give me a bear hug, and keep me warm at night. He loves walks and car drives.  And his temperament with people of all ages is even and likes being told he is handsome.
My new baby
Aussie keeps my Brittany young and me balanced
A real trooper post-neuter
I love the look of blue merles--all breeds! I dressed like him 
Santa didn't spook him! A gift to me from the angels
I miss his puppy fur

Cartoonist captured the essence of "us"
Skye loves SNOW!
Pup is an outdoors-loving canine
Skye likes to go everywhere with mom and Simon...autumn
Author's dog to love

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