Saturday, February 8, 2014

West Coast is Raining Cats & Dogs as I Forecasted

By Cal Orey
UPDATE: Pacific Northwest
 got rare snow and Tahoe 
3 feet of snow. 
I saw this today at Heavenly Resort...more snow on its way

Today it feels much like I still live in the San Francisco Bay Area. It's been raining all day long with flood advisories. Our street is ponding. A lot. My two dogs did get a walk and their coats did get wet. I sense they like the snow rather than strange wet stuff. It's like November or April at Lake Tahoe. This is abnormal... But more rain, more produce this summer at a lower cost makes me smile... And hey, I did forecast this Pineapple Express event--which may be fizzling. Or not. 
Simon doesn't like rain, the Lake, or pools

I'm supposed to write an article on the West Coast drought but I'm waiting a few more days to see just how much precip we do get.  It probably won't be as much as needed but it is water. And this is a good thing even though I'm a fall girl: cold, crisp air and no rain please. Experts claim it won't fix the dry spell but I sense it may be a better later than not start to more. After all, we still have this month and "Miracle March"...

Surrounded by fur kids,  a fire crackling in the rock fireplace, watching films day and night, and answering phones for the psychic networks is my life for the moment. I did swim yesterday and plan on it tomorrow, rain or shine. It doesn't matter.
Swimming, taking dogs out, bringing in firewood, walking like a part of winter
Watching the movie "Limitless" is amusing me. A writer suffering from the "block" finds a new drug and then his life spins out of control for both the worst and best, sort of. Meanwhile, I hear the rain and am blocking new projects because I sense one is right around the corner. So, I suppose I'll wait and see what the inch totals are for the rain/snow on the West Coast  (experts already aren't smiling bigger than  life) before I pen the piece. For now, I'm chilling. My movie is on. And the fire needs to be stoked. Note to self: Teach my working Aussie how to do it. Right now he's got the treadmill down without a lead. (But he does demand food to perform. Smart dog.)

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