Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Turkey Talk...'Tis the Season

By Cal Orey
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I'm feeling it, sort of. Instead of following tradition and cooking up a big bird with all the trimmings, I've ditched the deal.  Cranberry Orange-Nut Bread, salads, homemade fries, fresh fruits are on my rebellion menu.  I'm going to enjoy being incognito (the tourists like Stephen King's Langoliers are arriving) for the peace of it all...

Peaceful Day
Yeah, I'd love to wake up and go for a swim but I'm sensing the resort pool will have too many intense human fish in it's walking the dogs and eyeing the treadmill. Part of Thursday I'll get the endorphin high by raking the pine leaves and cones (still dropping), sweeping the deck (the dusting of snow is gone), and organizing for the season of discontent--winter. But on the upside, no snow as I forecasted.

Here Comes Winter
There is an art of coping with colder temps, shorter days, longer nights. I've penned many articles on SAD that I should be a pro on this challenge. So, more tips to deal include green plants, nutrient-dense soups, casseroles, breads, muffins, and drink water, water, water. A thicker comforter on the bed and recycling framed artwork (winter landscapes) and help prepare for the inevitable.  Not to forget to get a move on indoors and outdoors (and sneak a swim/hot tub when the tourists are AWOL during the early morning hours).
Snow-loving sibling doesn't like my no powder forecast

Today is a Writing Day
As I continue working on the 2nd edition of OLIVE OIL, going to input a new chapter and add more stuff that I've discovered and am loving it, wanting to share it all. The pantry is full of goods that are special and newsy that readers will find out about sooner than later...and I'm thrilled. I feel like I've entered Olive Oil Land (again), kind of like going back to a film that makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Speaking of fuzzy...

Critter Care
...On Saturday morning, very early, my baby boy Aussie will be facing the neuter. I suppose the cone is the most challenging part of this ordeal but we will survive. I've grown so fond of this pooch even though he chases my Siamese (but fearless Zen keeps coming back for more) so all is good.

Tourist Time
No, it isn't my fave thing to see tourists invade our stores, dog walking grounds, vacation houses, resorts, roads, and life in the mountains. So, it's a time to be a recluse and pretend it's all a dream that will pass. Cable films, inputting prose into the book, pampering the body, mind, and spirit--and making the first fire of the season will get me through this upcoming holiday.

 Friends, Family and Souls in Need
During a time of age when friends, some gone and family, some faraway, are on my mind I will try and connect and show my care and concern. Plus, as an intuitive I will be on the phone working the networks for those gentle souls who need a bit of chicken soup-type comfort to lessen the anxiety of life's uncertainty. I will be here feeling good because I saved a turkey and will my be the human behind my pup who loses his manhood... but will be a healthier, happier, well-adjusted dog. Well, I did my part and won't have turkey heartburn and a muffin top! 

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