Tuesday, November 19, 2013


By Cal Orey

Today, I'm feeling pre-winter is in the air. Sure, yesterday I swam at 7:30 A.M., and it was bliss but...the good hot tub was down. That is a sign the resort is getting ready for the snowbound fun-loving tourists come wintertime. Personally, I'd rather have it not working than to have it fixed because that will mean winter has arrived--and autumn, my friend, will be gone but there will be two dog nights...and dog-like indoor kitty Zen gets me. We agree. We do not love Old Man Winter. 

Here Comes the Rain/Snow...
Weather Forecast for Dec? Rain, Rain, Rain!
Nope, I haven't broke down as of yet to make a fire. But I admit there was a day of weakness, yesterday...and today I noticed temps this weekend will plummet to the low teens, like 12 degrees. Is it fire yet? Almost. But if I jump on the fireplace bandwagon it will be confirmed--winter is almost here.

After the swim, I bathed Simon, my senior pooch. I promised him I'd do it. At 10 1/2 years old he's so happy after getting a shampoo and dry. Fluffy Brittany ran crazy indoors, outdoors, played with his pup sidekick, and well, you could tell he felt good about himself and his coat.

The Olive Oil Book
The good news, I'm on track. More than half of the book is input. And I have until January 15 to complete my work. So today, will be a semi- writing day, time for including some easier details. Then, I dive into the real creative prose part again--the stuff authors love to do, getting to the meat of it all. 

Honey, is that you?  That question is a reminder that a package from a honey company will be arriving. More baking and cooking for me!  Taking a break is warranted after the Pumpkin Squares and Coconut Custard...Writing food columns and books is a sure-fire way to not want to weigh in unless you take time off, eat less, walk the dogs more and stay out of the kitchen!

The Fireplace--Hot and Cold
Yesterday I dusted off the fireplace screen and brought in wood. Tomorrow, thank you Scarlett!, I will clean the inside--I peeked. It's not too bad. Last year the chimney cleaner man who wears a tall hat and looks like that funny cricket Disney character did the deed.  But I can't decide if he should do it again. The majority of folks I asked about this chore said I'm good to go because I didn't burn that much wood last winter. Blame it on global warming.

It's no secret. The deal is, wintertime isn't my fave season. But I've learned how to try and pretend it's not really happening. Lots of good lighting, cozy throws, fires, baking and cooking, tea, quality flavored coffee, and dark gourmet chocolate are the things that can make colder days feel warmer and brighter.  Sort of...

...Let's get real.  I have a big calendar. I  check off each day, one by one, until it's spring. My mantra is "Spring"... Some snow days, I try and go with the program: Make coffee, let dogs out, make a fire, shovel snow, walk in snow, and do the treadmill (my resort pool/spa is invaded with tourists), shovel snow. On the upside, we will probably not get buried in the white stuff but on the downside there will be flooding in December, black ice through wintertime, and maybe one of those power outages that I love the first day and loathe any time after that. So, no it won't be a Donner Lake event but it is the season of discontent for me.  I can do this... What day does Spring arrive?

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