Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Morning Joe with Mancow Muller on 8-23

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet
I Was on The Mancow Show (sort of)
I admit it. I'm in love with coffee. Each morning when I awake -- joe is on my mind. Well, to be honest with you I have six eye balls on me so the critters's demands come first. Yes, I get out of the big warm waterbed with comforters and head for the kitchen. I feed the Siamese cat, and Brittany duo. Then, I embrace my Mr. Coffee. I grind the magical beans, get out the No. 4 filter, and brew a pot of java...while this is happening the boys go outside, one by one. Then, it's coffee time!
I go back to bed, turn on CNN, and tune into the worlds' woes. And today in five hours at 5:00 AM PST that's what I'll be doing. Except this Thursday I'll be making a cameo appearance with the Mancow. 
I'd love to dish on my 2012 predictions that are coming true: The drought, the zany presidential race, Obama's lead (yes), the potential Florida hurricane (yep, I did forecast it), and quakes for my Golden State. I did feel the 4.2 at Tahoe; there was the 4ish in the SF Bay Area, two back to back 5.0s Offshore NorCal, and widely felt quakes in SoCal--but not the big one yet. Not to forget the "hot, hot, hot" weather in the West...
So, I am sensing the popular talk show host will ask me something about Coffee World thanks to my latest book The Healing Powers of Coffee. And as I sip my java I'll try to be wide-eyed and bushy tailed despite I'm a nightowl.  The question is, do I go to sleep now or pull an all nighter and snooze after 5:00 AM?  All I know is while coffee is chock-full of good for you antioxidants, and helps to keep me lean and fit--I adore the java jolt, especially for interviews with the Mancow who has a strong sense of presence. Thank God for morning joe.

UPDATE: OMG! An alarm clock (rarely use) "beep, beep, beep" woke me up at 4:15 AM.  Up I went to the kitchen and embrace my coffee. I love my java jolt! Ready to go at 5:00 AM I was called by the producer and put on hold. Listening to Mancow talk about world woes (I so wanted to scream, "Hey, remember the 2012 Forecasts I sent to you? They're coming true! I told you so. The drought, bipartisan war, Florida hurricane, hot, hot, hot in the Western states, a virus (West Nile has hit the U.S.), middle class shrinking, and more." And, of course, there was coffee chat for his listeners because it is National Coffee Month! 
But, due to strange circumstances beyond control, I was going to be on about an hour and a half later.  News flash: I got another call from the producer and the word "reschedule" echoed. But as an intuitive I knew that. Oh well, thanks to my cup(s) of coffee I'm up for the day. (I'm a believer in karma. A few days ago, I had to cancel my next Barnes and Noble book signing...Yeah, what goes around comes around.) I forecast I'll be sharing coffee talk and end of times forecasts with the Mancow sooner than later--before 2013. Florida Eyes Isaac is on the news. How did I know this would happen?  (Twilight Zone music please.)

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  1. Update: Yesterday, SoCal was hit by more than 400 quake in the Brawley Seismic Zone. I predicted the 5.0+ and it happened within hours of my forecast.
    And the hurricane? I did note in my 2012 forecasts (Oracle 20/20) that during hurricane season the gulf coast could be affected. It's not over--quakes or hurricane.