Monday, August 6, 2012

My Dog is Back & Eating...Now I'm Sick as a Dog!

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet

Food is important for two-leggers and four-leggers. On July 17, my youngest Brittany, Seth got sick early in the morning. Then, for the next week it was becoming too commonplace. After the fourth time, it was to the vet. My boy was losing weight. My food-loving fur child no longer was interested in food. At all.

Welcome to Canine Mystery Illness Land
Fast forward: Tests: blood work, x-ray, ultrasound, and much more... Every test came back negative. Normal. My happy, active, carefree dog with an even temperament was healthy but losing weight. He had to be monitored at the vet all day long. One day, two day. I was going doggone crazy without him! Usually at 35-38 on the doggie scale, my Sethie ended up at 29 pounds! What's more, his awesome spirit and energy was down in the dumps. 

Three Week Nightmare
During the three week ordeal, I was haunted by dreams and nightmares.  In one, a dog-loving friend came to my front door and gave me pink carnations and a white health drink. Another was of a coyote (trickster) that attacked Seth but didn't take my dog down. He survived. Then, I was hit was images of the scary man loses dog in the films "Marley & Me" and "I Am Legend" and "Old Yeller"--not fun...
I was hand feeding my pooch and begging him to bits of chicken and rice. I poured bottled water into my hand and pleaded for him to drink the liquid to prevent dehydration. And he did it. Then,  24 hours later, the 2nd type of antibiotics for gastrointestinal woes and finding the right food for a sensitive tummy (this was a challenge!), and cooking chicken breasts and brown rice did the trick.
Seth is back 99.9%--pointing, scarfing his healthy, new food, drinking water (without coaxing), jumping on the dining room table, barking, and being a loving dog and into food. Of course, it's time to fatten up my bird dog -- gradually. And, I will be changing his diet to another premium brand, gradually, too.
Diagnosis? Unknown.  Potential food allergy to his dog kibble or perhaps he snagged something quick and gulped it down on his daily walks. 

Dog Lover Wipeout
Meanwhile, after concern, worry, stress, and a few meltdowns I did survive the ordeal of puppy in crisis. But, during the event I didn't eat either and went on the "Lose 5 lbs. Sick Doggie Diet" which works like a charm. And now, my throat hurts, ears ache, I have a fever, aches and pains, and am wiped out from trying to be strong in between tears. It's time for oranges, water, teas, honey, coffee, chocolate, chilling, and getting well. 
On the upside, my beloved canine will help me heal with his unconditional love, doggie kisses, bear hugs, tail wags.  He's back and part of the pack! And yeah, I believe God loves dogs a lot!


  1. Update: Sethie is doing well. Have increased food intake and the doc believes within 60 days we should be back at 34 lbs. -- normal for a lanky Brittany. Me? Better. Our dogs are our kids. Dog people get it--others don't. I hope canines are in heaven.

  2. Sept. 8 Update: My baby boy is back! We're at 32 lbs! He's eating like this ordeal never happened. I cannot believe how back in July I sat cross-legged on the kitchen floor as I coaxed and begged my 6 yr. old food loving pooch to eat bits of boiled chicken, rice, and bottled water. He was subdued.
    Those days are over. Come Oct. right around my B-Day my Brittany 2 should be at 34+ lbs. All is good. The day by day happenings bonded us even more.