Monday, May 7, 2012

Is Chocolate Really Healthy for You?

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet
Courtesy of Enjou Chocolate

Ever wonder if eating chocolate is good or bad?  You can stop pondering about chocolate being a vice and embrace it for its multitude of virtues. Today, an excerpt from my book The Healing Powers of Chocolate was published in an online heart health magazine --and as a "health expert" I dish out the word about chocolate and your heart.
Of course, eating chocolate isn't the only key to staying heart healthy. I practice what I preach in my Healing Powers series to stay heart healthy. So, when I'm not savoring a square of dark chocolate (for its antioxidants and other good for you compounds), I'm doing other stuff to keep my ticker ticking. 
That means, I just got back from a long dog walk; my cat is sleeping on my leg as I work on my book(s); tomorrow I will definitely hit the pool and swim laps (and chill in the hot tub); and tonight I'll fix a Mediterranean heart-healthy dinner: pasta and veggies. Not to forget the cup of java with organic low-fat milk, a banana, and whole grain bagel I had for breakfast. 
So, does chocolate work to help you stay healthy? It can if you pair it with a heart-healthy diet, exercise, and clean lifestyle. 

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