Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Healing Powers of Chocolate, Coffee, Pets:

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet
So, what do chocolate, coffee, and pets--our sweet and savvy companion animals--have in common? Ah, they make us feel good! Yes, these two superfoods boast compounds that boost our serotonin and endorphins--just like exercise. And that's why savoring a piece of dark chocolate and sipping a cup of Joe can be addicting. 
Speaking of addiction, having a strong bond with a cat or dog (or both) makes us feel warm and fuzzy. After all, they provide unconditional love and that's enough to hook me. No doubt, my two dogs and cat had me at first glance.
The word is, Mother's Day is on its way--May 13, Sunday. While I'm not a real mom for human kids, I do adore my three children who each have four paws. Simon and Seth--my two orange-and-white Brittanys are the boys in my life--soon to be 6 and 9 (that's 42 and 63 in human years). And Zen--ah, my blue-eyed Siamese 3-year-old (21 boy toy) keeps me feeling young and loved. 
The bottom line: It's a cup of fresh roast java in the a.m., a piece of dark chocolate after a dog walk and/or swim, and playing with the frisky cat that makes me happy, healthy, and more than likely going to add years to my life so I can pen more books like the ones coming to you this summer: The Healing Powers of Coffee and Animal Attraction: A Collection of Tales &Tails.

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