Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spring Has Spung: But It's Hot Chocolate at Tahoe

Lake Tahoe flowers, blue jays chirping, front yard trees blossoming, and sunshine are not in the cards. Yesterday I walked the Brittanys in a snow flurry. By five P.M., I made a roaring fire. What's more, I ordered a veggie pizza. No springtime here: no birds, flowers, or trees in full bloom. Sure, it's the sierra and back in 2009, we had snow, thunderstorms, and flash floods. Yet several years ago, in April I'd walk to the Lake each day and the 70s feel like warm 80s in the mountains.
This weather weirdness is playing games on my mind and spirit. Last night, for instance, I almost ordered gourmet coffee chocolate from an online chocolate company. But when the customer service rep told me corn syrup was one of the ingredients in the chocolates of my choice--I quickly hung up the phone. A cup of unsweetened hot chocolate sufficed...Today, my June Earth Changes article in Oracle 20-20 Magazine graces the cover: Spring Has Sprung: Is Armeggedon Here? by Cal Orey. I wrote it last month before May 21, Judgment Day, according to Harold Camping. My anti-prediction on The Mancow Show panned out and I hold my 100% accurate thumbs down to wacky forecasts...Speaking of forecasts, I have been accepted as a "psychic" on another well known psychic network. And I'm loving it. Busy, busy, busy like a worker honey bee. Yep, I'm still dishing out answers like an Eight Ball and getting "hits" again...


And this day is the final day for me to proof the honey bee book and it will fly via fax back to the publisher. This excites me. I will probably bake a honey dish (or two) to celebrate. Plus, as always, after the completion of a book that I pen, I make a fire and sip a healthful beverage. Read: A cup of herbal tea, hot chocolate and/or Joe are on the agenda for this chilly Thursday in June, pre-summer. No recipes required. Hot healthful beverges are best despite spring has sprung, sort of. But the heater is on and the sky is gray. Time to put on the hooded sweatshirt, jeans, and walk the Brittany duo in the big chill. No honey bee sightings today.

P.S. It's time for a cup of hot chocolate and a dark chocolate caramel (or two) after our romp. Ah, bliss. Watching Food Network; on the phone psychic network, and the big honey bee book is back in New York for its final trek. The worker bee's work is done!

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