Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's June 15, 2011--Here Comes the Full Moon

Last night I saw it and was awestruck. The huge bright moon greeted me through my bedroom window. As I fielded calls for the psychic network and input prose for my latest Healing Powers series book, I saw it. The moon said, "Hello, there." And I smiled back.
The question is, will quakes occur in the following week. After all, it's June and back in pre-summer of 2005 our Golden State rocked and rolled like a fast game of ping pong.
Meanwhile, the wildflowers did not bloom at the Lake. One local told me yesterday that they "froze back." No splashes of bright yellow in the neighborood or fields that I walk my Brittany duo. Still, store bought flowers are out and trees are in bloom (about 75%). And the weather? It's getting warm--so much that my fish, my goldfish went to fish heaven. Not fun. Had the water tested by the fish people and it's normal, they said. Blame it on the rise in temperature. And I wonder if the snowmelt from the mountain tops will cause flooding at the Lake and surrounding Lake Tahoe; NOAA and I are on alert for the next week.
Today, I'll fantasize about my first outdoor swim of yesterday as I am inputting words in the big book on the new healing superfood; anticipating the arrival of The Healing Powers of Honey come fall harvest--my fourth book child in the series. I'd rather be dancing by the lake with my cat under the full moon. Windows open, new fish, warm air, calls from around around the world with callers treating me like a magical guru will have to suffice. Well, the day is still young and we are now entering the total lunar eclipse window. I'm craving a special chocolate delivery--it's on its way, Enjou Chocolat tells me. And more coffee...

P.S. No worries. I'm on watch for Earth changes and the phone should be ringing a lot tonight--it's proven, folks and animals go haywire during lunar cycles. "Intuitive, Callie--chill. Now, I'm sensing you're a fire sign, perhaps on the cusp of water, right... No, no,'s not over but it should be." And then I pet Zen, my cat, take a sip of chamomile tea, turn up alternative tunes and tune into callers' woes.
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