Tuesday, July 20, 2010

NEW Really Cool Chocolate Bars: Fruits & Herbs

By Cal Orey,

The Writing Gourmet

Wanna taste a yummy healthy dark chocolate bar infused with lots of good stuff? Stop looking because Enjou Chocolat's "A Taste of Health" Variety Pack has arrived on my doorstep and can be on yours, too. Yep, chocolate bars infused with chocolate's best friends...
As the author of the new book The Healing Powers of Chocolate (Kensington, 2010), I have tasted dozens of dark chocolate bars--it was for research. My simple taste and working system worked like this. The dark chocolate bars (70% cocoa content is proven to be good for your brain to your heart and other body parts) that were both healthy and tasted good didn't last in my home. They were eaten by me, the sibling, or friends. Alas, the ones (and there were a lot) that boasted good health sadly missed the mark by tasting like cardboard, crayons, or worse. I put 'em in my file cabinet for a rainy or depressing day. One year later: They made it to the garbage can.
Back to the really good chocolate bars. Out of the five, I knew the one that would win my heart: Ginger Orange Peel...The Blueberry/Cranberry followed. And I have three more to go.
The Ginger Orange Peel was awesome. I love ginger. I love citrus. Combine these puppies with dark, creamy chocolate (Wendy, you got it going on with the texture and taste of chocolate unlike so many other bars I've put to the test) and you'll be soaring high in chocolate world. Yes, those feel-good mood-enhancing compounds blast the blues and bring on the mighty endorphins to do their job--no matter what kind of day hits you or challenges you face.
As I write in the chocolate book:
* Orange: Another immunity-enhancing citrus fruit, oranges are rich in vitamin C, vitamin B1, fiber, and potassium. Best Choco Blend: Dark chocolate bars...
* Ginger: Ginger root is a digestive aid, like tasty cinnamon...Best Choco Blend: It is used in dark chocolate bars.
And, and, and I still have the Goji Berry bar to go. We're talking wolfberry/goji which is a delicious fruit known for its positive effects on vision and the brain. Best Choco Blend: Dark chocolate bars.
Read: I'm on overload (think worker honey bee with six weeks to live) as I'm stuck writing/researching/tasting honeys from around the globe... that I so need this bar (more than one)! The bottom line: If you want something chocolate, something sweet, and something healthy, it's time for A Taste of Health. You'll get it in this five pack and it came in the nick of time for me. Thank you Wendy.

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