Saturday, November 7, 2009

Help! Jazz Up My Veggie Life-Win Oil/Vinegar Book

By Cal Orey,
The Writing Gourmet

“A vegetable garden in the beginning looks so promising and then after all little by little it grows nothing but vegetables, nothing, nothing but vegetables.”--

Today I was pondering about cooking and baking. Here, I'm an "almost" vegan (meatless for 30 years) but you wouldn't know it. Why? Lately I haven't been enjoying fresh vegetables as much as I did in the summer. Not sure why. Perhaps it's a phase. I've been toying with whole grains and fresh fall fruits (all kinds)--and chocolate in all forms. Not a bad thing. At all. Sure, I've been eating lots of salads with tomatoes and veggie pizzas but there's a big vegetable world out there that I want to explore. But I need a little help from you to get on the veggie bandwagon. And that's where you come in...
Enter Poster: Just name your favorite autumn vegetable and the reason(s) why. Hint: The more nutritious and tasty, versatile veggie will be the winner for me. Read: I don't like beans (they're too fuzzy). And I love vegetables that I can team with brown rice and pasta. Also, the most creative and different answer-ee will win a free copy of one of my books: The Healing Powers of Olive Oil or The Healing Powers of Vinegar (Kensington, 2009 mass market edition). Your choice. (If you Sign In as a new Follower, the winner will receive two books.)
Fall veggie ideas: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and winter squash. But there has to be more, right? So here I sit (I just finished another dark green salad with tomatoes, carrots, Italian cheeses, and salsa. How boring is that? So, please help bring more exotic spice into my life!)
Deadline: November 15


  1. Is anyone out there? Well, I will begin a new blog series and begin with "Vegetable Week" and see how it goes. Looks like Baked Potato won the The Writing Gourmet poll so that may be a place where I'll begin.

  2. I was in the grocery store but way too crowded (such is life in a resort town). I had eggplant on the brain. I settled for organic spinach and tomato pizza. I don't feel bad (it was good) but I vow to dedicate the next week or two to expanding my veggie tastes.

  3. The fridge is full of new, improved veggies: artichokes, red potatoes, crucifers, and more. Going to get out of the pizza/baked potato rut and vege out! I guess fruits are more fun/sweet but vegetables shouldn't be neglected. Challenge time.