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 By Cal Orey

Online Bookstores Are Showing The Healing Powers
of Tea is #1 and #2 Best Seller
in Many Categories
National Iced Tea Month is June!
 Questions and Answers


As a California native (a state touted for its no-nonsense health nuts) author Cal Orey, M.A., is an accomplished author and journalist. She grew up in the post-hippie era. In her teens she rebelled against processed canned and frozen foods and meat. That is when she began to have an interest in health and natural living... 

Deliciously healing surprising…

Q: Sugar or Fat? Which one does a writer need more?
Fat. I used to be a sugar junkie. These days, when I incorporate real butter (no fake stuff for me) and oil(s) with superfoods, I’m satisfied and keep lean and fit. Sugar on rare occasion in natural ice cream finds its way to my life, but only in moderation as noted in the top Mediterranean diet.

Q: Your writing resumes are impressive. Two degrees in writing, three decades of articles and book experience. How did you end up as the Healing Powers Series author?
A: Before finishing grad school at San Francisco State University, I was a published magazine writer. I used to write articles for well-known men’s mags. I spun both fiction and non-fiction. Then, I moved over to women’s mags and wrote about every romance and relationship topic imaginable. Fast forward to 1999. I got my first real book deal from Kensington, a New York publisher. (I penned dozens of diet-related mini mags found in grocery stores.)
Many moons later, I’m known as the Healing Powers author. I’ve written nine books on superfoods: vinegar, olive oil, chocolate, honey, coffee, tea, superfoods, essential oils, and herbs & spices. (Most of these books have been embraced by major book clubs including, One Spirit, Literary Guild, Quality Paperback, and Good Cook.)

Q: Your Healing Power series has also been translated in 25 plus languages; Congratulations! Tell us a little about the past and new updated and revised olive oil book.
A: When I started the vinegar book, red wine vinegar was supposed to be the new twist.  During my research, however, I discovered while it does contain some good for you compounds like resveratrol (found in red wine), I needed more information to honestly tout vinegar’s health benefits. I fell into the wide world of the Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle because it includes not only red wine but healthful olive oil—and that superfood led to the first and second edition—The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, A Complete Guide to Nature’s Liquid Gold, Revised and Updated. The first edition is my second best-selling book and now the second edition has been released--three formats. Vinegar has sold more than 1/4 million copies.

Q:  Did you discover any real surprises while researching your books?
A: I found out that other oils, including coconut and canola, have healing perks. Combining olive oil with other oils can help fight fatigue, infections, and insomnia, and help you to fight fat and shape up! Tea? I'm still in love with chamomile (it keeps you young) and adore white tea! Superfoods? Ah, real food. No processed stuff. 

Q: What's an interesting fact about olive oil that most people don't know?
A:  Discovering the you can combine a variety of oils is becoming more commonplace in the kitchen; even seen on Food Network with its creative celeb chefs as well as every day folks are teaming these oils in entrees to desserts as well as home cures and beauty recipes.

Q. Do you have a personal favorite dish that you use two oils instead of just olive oil?
A: These days it's just a very small square of dark chocolate. I've stopped baking. These days I eat a very strict Mediterranean diet--fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, fish, nuts, and olive oil.

Q. Bonus Question. What's new in your book collection?
A. The Healing Powers of Vinegar, gift size 3rd edition, The Healing Powers of Superfoods, and the new book in progress! The Healing Powers of Essential Oils and The Healing Powers of Herbs & Spices...with a trip to Alaska to teach me to appreciate California's fresh produce year-round.

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