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A Past Sierra Storm Story Comforts -- The CA Floods Will Stop

 Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sierra Storm Hits Author in Surreal Way

By Cal Orey
Today, January 14, my new non-fiction novel Soulmates with Paws: A Collection of Tales & Tails hitting the Best Sellers ranking page: Top 100 in Animal Essays on Amazon  --#9. And this very day I got an eerie feeling that I've done this real-life adventure before, sort of. I write about nature's wrath and our soulmates in the book...
This time around I've got my two soulmates, Zen, a Siamese and Skye, an Aussie to comfort my first cold in 20 years. (It's stressful to watch your state seem like a horrific amusement park; and colds at Tahoe are very high. Yep, my first cold in 20 years. Day 4 and on the mend thanks to tea and honey.) 
Worse, watching our Golden State and its people and pets coping with flooding, mudslides, landslides, road closures, evacuations, sinkholes, whiteouts, heavy snow, and more is actually nightmareish, Stephen King stuff. It is heartbreaking. It is scary. It is happening. 
Worse, some people who do not live in California or know people who do? They simply do not care. At all.
But this will pass--hopefully by the 19th when Mercury Retrograde leaves with all the water we need but it's still not enough. And parts of it has happened before, but this year it's epic, almost biblical flooding; yet experts say it's nowhere near the Sacramento flooding of 1862...

Ten Years Earlier

As an author-intuitive I admit I didn't see this one coming. It's no secret California has been in a mega drought for a long time. So, when the weather guys began forecasting the monster oncoming storm, I chilled. Yesterday I was going to go to the grocery store and stock up on bottled water, nuts, dried fruit, and the usual stuff in case there was a power outage...

Well, I did predict the lights going out at Lake Tahoe. It happened minutes after my forecast on Facebook. However, I did not see that tree falling on my house. Imagine: You are e-mailing your editor, accepting two--not one--new book deals for the Healing Powers Series. On Cloud Zillion. Then, out of nowhere BAM! An earthquake? A second BAM! The house shook. The dogs barked. I ran out into the living room and was greeted by a tree staring at me through the window. Down tree.

Worse, when I went to open the front door to view the damage it wouldn't budge. I looked up above the tree and wires were here and there. Not a safe sight. I called the Fire Department. Drama followed. Police, paramedics, and firefighters. I was fine, although my nerves were a bit frazzled. I've done blizzards, sandstorms, floods, and major earthquakes. But never have I experienced a tree falling on my home!
Not a good morning

So, one firefighter said that the impact of the tree caused the door to be jammed shut. With a bit of patience and knowledge, he fixed it. I could get in and out to see what I was facing. Throughout the day visits were made by tree guys (they cut the monster tree into stumps and fixed the minor structural damage on the roof), ATand T (they repaired the phone lines), and Liberty Utilities got the power back on before dusk. Another power outage could happen this time around--but I feel a bit more prepared. And I did endure a power outage -- a 3 day experience -- so it's not something unfamiliar. But with a waterbed, fish aquarium, coffee and tea lover who deals with an electric stove--it's not something I prefer.
The CA drought may be over

Large light covers in the dining room dropped and shattered. But these guys can be replaced. The neighbor's fence will need to be repaired. And tree mess? After the rain and snow, clean up time. It could have been much worse.  Still, I feel unbalanced like I did after the World Series Earthquake. I keep reliving the experience, no appetite, and in a daze about it happening so fast.  The funny thing is, I love trees. But today--not so much. It's a warm storm that's coming in as I hear the wind howling outdoors so there is no desire to make a fire. 

One more thing: A lot of folks said taking a BC Ferry to Victoria would be a piece of cake come this January. 
Now I realize Mother Nature can bring us unpleasant surprises. I will not book that boat ride, but I will not cancel my plans either. However, come January the weather reports will be taken very seriously before I pack my bags, leave my companion animals, and head for the Reno-Tahoe Airport bound Washington/Canada. So many flights were delayed today, flooding in B.C., and ferry boats cancelled bookings. Seattle may be a cake walk in the air--rain or not--but Canada? Time will tell as will weather forecasts.

UPDATE: While the wind howled last night, there was no new snow or rain in the morning. All is calm, the sun is peeking through the blinds. It's a mess outside--like a twister in NorCal--and viewing the surfers on Lake Tahoe's seven foot swells is The Day After Tomorrow sequel material. SoCal is now getting slammed with rain, flooding, mudslides, and fear. Upside:  We got some much needed precip. Downside: We need repeats, lots of 'em, to climb out of our West Coast drought.

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