Sunday, July 17, 2022

2022 Forecasts Made in January Coming True (Solar Storm Predicted for July 19)


By Cal Orey

It's Happening--Solar storms, variants, air quality affected by wildfires in the West, food supply woes...

As the New Year greets us, it’s time. It’s the year to buckle up, get comfortable, and prepare for Mother Earth’s twists and turns.  While 2021 shook up the world with West Coast wildfires, Midwest twisters, and a blizzard in Hawaii to continual quakes and tsunami warnings in the Pacific Ring of Fire, this year unfortunately may be a sequel. So, sit down, cozy up, sip a cup of tea and breathe...

The happenings in 2022 will often be linked to two words “climate change” but also history will repeat itself in many regions around the globe. It is the year to get your go bag to be ready to experience the fight-or-flight response during eye-opening events. That means  snowstorms, shakers, twisters, and hurricanes in odd places that’ll get “ohs” and “ahs” – and make international news. Last year was likely a drill.

So, dear readers, keep your ears and eyes open for anything unimaginable because it is almost certain humanity is going to be blindsided by shocking happenings each season. It’s a year that will be unforgettable.


“The Extreme” Ride of Predictions



* Scientists know the San Andreas is overdue for a major earthquake and as they say, “It’s not if but when” the Golden State moves. The regions to get a big jolt include: offshore Northern California, the San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay, South Bay or coastal regions near the San Andreas Fault – and Southern California (Greater Los Angeles or near coast and, of course, the Salton Sea).

* In December 2021, an aggressive swarm or earthquake struck offshore Oregon. It’s possible it could have been foreshadow for the Cascadia Subduction Zone to wake up and shock people with a great quake like it did in the 1700s.

* Europe is often challenged by major earthquakes. At least one Mediterranean great shaker will hit the region and be felt in multiple countries.

* Finally, the Pacific Ring of Fire will be on a huge roll that explodes with volcanic activity, shakers, and tsunami warnings to the real waves.


Rain and Snow Events

As Earth changes continue to shock us, in 2022, according to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) forecasts reports drier, warmer temperatures in the South, a wetter North, and drought may linger in the West.

The West Coast has experienced a historical dry period but this may be the year to change it up and welcome needed rain – but it still may not be enough for tourism or crops. At the end of 2021, the Pacific Northwest was slammed with rain, while California got its overdue snowstorm(s).  While the regions embraced the help of water, it will come with flooding (especially flash floods in  burn areas from wildfires). Also, all of the entire West Coast is not immune to mudslides, coastal erosion – chunks of Earth will fall into the Pacific Ocean – and avalanches in the sierras.  

Speaking of snow, the Deep South states will experience unusual snow, hail, and some flooding. And, European countries will get noteworthy rainfall and unprecedented flooding, especially in coastal regions in any season or all four seasons.


Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Wildfires

 Hurricanes will happen and not in the likely Gulf States. This year expect Hawaii may get the newsworthy Category 5. And, NOAA agrees, the Atlantic seaboard folks may be boarding up and hunkering down unless there is time to evacuate. At least two historical hurricanes will shock the world and leave unbelievable destruction. Tornado outbreaks will be part of nature’s wrath.

Wildfire season is now an annual challenge – it’s no longer just smoky skies during summertime in the Western regions. Worse, unhealthy air quality is part of the new normal. People up and down the West Coast will likely migrate because living indoors 24/7 with air purifiers running and facing the ill effects of hazardous air outside while being surrounded by wildfires is no way to live.


 Despite the crazy Earth events (blame changes in the Universe), as always, humanity will be forced to be self-reliant. And yes, the ongoing pandemic, virus and its variants will cause more challenges and chaos for the world.
       That means more people are growing their own food, leaving big cities and our diet will become more plant-based as the supply chain of food will be shaky. It’s the year of challenges (and putting plans to travel on hold). But survival of the fittest (stock your pantry and medical kit for people and beloved pets) will get us through this year – and 2022 will undoubtedly go down in history books.

  On the Fringe

So, as we all cope with surreal climate chaos you may wonder, “What else is in the stars” – and surprises are in store. I’m talking a major, earthshaking solar event – solar flares may be the culprit or something related. Now this could be a minor solar storm or a shutdown the Earth event. That means, blackouts, communication lines affected, to disturbance for airline flights and road travel. The solar storm may wreak havoc for a while that’ll affect the world.

And note, in 2022, Mercury goes into retrograde four times: Jan. 14 and ends Feb. 3. May 10 to June 2; Sept. 9 to Oct. 2; and Dec. 29 and end Jan. 18, 2023. So, plan ahead for these periods. Expect rough air and avoid non-essential travel to making major financial or legal decisions, and be ready for miscommunication at work or play. Best advice: Chill, this too shall pass and we all may welcome 2023.

BIO: CAL OREY, M.A. Meet a versatile non-fiction health author who also pens fiction: True Crime, Humor, Romance, Sci-Fi & Adventure, and creative non-fiction thrillers based on real events, including historical, political and science topics... Plus the writer is a known on-air personality...NEW RELEASE: The Healing Powers of Herbs & Spices: Timeless Treasures #9 was published in 2021 by Kensington... It has made its way to being a pick in Woman's World Magazine Book Club, and covered by Booklist, American Global News, GlobalInformerNews, NYC Daily Post, New York Daily, City Buzz News, Huffington Post, on board with Newsmax, and in more than 200 libraries worldwide... Orey also holds two degrees in English-Creative Writing from SFSU. She is the sole author of the "hugely successful" Healing Powers Series, nine books have been graced with online bookstore Bestseller banners; (translated in 25+ languages), many featured by Good Cook and Literary Guild book clubs to Newsmax media.

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