Friday, October 1, 2021

Inspirational WWII Novel Released! A French Family Face an Invasion! Will It Doom Them All?



In August more than 50,000 Lake Tahoe residents evacuated the invasion of the Caldor Fire. While so many people, pets, wildlife, and firefighters to the National Guard were coping with the horrific challenges of this disaster, including destruction, separation of loved ones, anger, shock and grief--something ironically was in the works. 
Authors James Channing Shaw and Cal Orey completed a ground-breaking novel of
 another kind of invasion -- man versus man -- told from a brilliant and sensitive young man's perspective.

A CAGED BIRD SINGS:  A YOUNG MAN'S UNTOLD WAR CHRONICLES created and written by author, musician Dr. James Channing Shaw and co-authored by me, Cal Orey, a non-fiction and fiction writer.

It is a compelling historical WWII epistolary novel based in Rouen, France. This one-of-a-kind heart-wrenching and thrilling, inspirational masterpiece with twists and turns, includes a myriad of trials and tribulations. A Caged Bird Sings shows how humanity (all ages) faces hardship and deals with uncertainty. (It is now in production!).  It will be released this November (available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook formats). A must-read for changing times around the world. 

* You can order it now at online bookstores! 

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