Friday, October 15, 2021

Pacific Book Review for The Caged Bird Sings -- "The Authors Perfectly Layer the Narrative... Familiar to Readers"

By Cal Orey

Our new novel created and written by James Channing Shaw and co-authored by me, just got its first book review! Take a peek at a few excerpts:

"A truly moving and strong story of facing injustice, the horrors of war, and having to discover who you are as a person amidst all that turmoil, this was a moving and engaging read. The authors perfectly layer the narrative with personal character growth and memorable familial bonds that will be both familiar and relatable to readers as they delve into this story...

A remarkable, thoughtful, and heartfelt read, authors James Channing Shaw and Cal Orey’s The Caged Bird Sings: A Young Man’s Untold War Chronicles is a fantastic new take on the young adult, coming of age narrative with a historical fiction twist. The balance of tragedy and hope the authors infuse into this narrative are both haunting and realistic to the horrors experienced by the Jewish people during WWII, while the character’s growth is amazing to read throughout the emotional final pages of this book." 

-- Pacific Book Review, 5 Gold Stars 

Available at online bookstores in three formats: Ebook, paperback, hardcover. See authors' websites on booksellers' pages.

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