Tuesday, June 8, 2021

BOOK GOES GLOBAL! Herbs & Spices: Timeless Treasures Hit Major News Publications!

    By Cal Orey 

UPDATE: #9 Healing Powers Series 

Herbs & Spices: Timeless Treasures

Today, the bay leaves interview including my favorite new Herbs & Spices book (in the Huffington Post) has made its way into other national online news publications: American Global News, NYC Daily Post, New York Daily, and City Buzz News. On April 7, The Healing Powers of Herbs & Spices author's words made a big  appearance in Huffington Post -- dishing on the wonders of flavor and versatility of timeless bay leaves! 

This week like in the recent past, the new book was graced in the top 100 bestseller on Amazon.com; recently, it got the badge of honor with the Bestseller banner for the book on Walmart's website. As of yesterday it is in 87 libraries (multiple branches, books on hold or checked out) worldwide! Still on page 1 of bestselling herbs and spices books on Barnes and Noble...  Newsworthy, popular Newsmax is on board with the fresh book, #9! and purchased hundreds of copies! Covered in newspapers to online magazines...  And the year is still young!

 ...we're thrilled about the new offering in the Healing Powers series from bestselling author Cal Orey featuring 50 recipes and A-to-Z guide cataloguing most versatile herbs and spices for flavoring food, as well as preventing and curing illness." -- Woman's World magazine, Book Club: Nonfiction

As in her previous bestselling books, Cal Orey combines groundbreaking research into all these health and weight loss benefits with home cures, cosmetic uses, household hints, dozens of heart-healthy Mediterranean style recipes, legends, nutritional charts, and heartwarming anecdotes. --Tathaastu Magazine, book review

Not only is the book a guide for people who love to cook and bake, but it offers a fun way to learn through legends, stories and many of Orey's experiences derived from both childhood and present times. -- Tahoe Daily Tribune, book review

The Healing Powers of Herbs and Spices: A Complete Guide to Nature's Timeless Treasures. The ninth installment of the Healing Powers series from nutrition writer Orey explores how herbs and dried spices can provide home cures, weight loss benefits, and beauty treatments.  -- Publishers Weekly

... Orey's ninth title in her Healing Powers series is part cookbook, part healthy living reference...After the educational parts and charts, most pages are devoted to nearly 80 recipes for almost every possible eating occasion: jumbo anise biscotti, cayenne spicy salsa, saffron baked custard, spicy meatless shepherd's pie.... An herb a day just might keep the doctor at bay. Includes glossary and resources. --Booklist 

Herbal medicines can be helpful in treating many medical concerns as well as be used to support our health. These natural healing modalities 
discussed in Orey's refreshing book for  the 21st century well-being  have been part of my integrative family practice for nearly 50 years. -- Elson Haas, MD (ElsonHaasMD.com) is the author of 11 books including Staying Healthy with the Seasons and Staying Healthy with NEW Medicine.

I loved the complexity of it: there are personal stories from the author which bring flavor to the pages, there are a lot of details about the chemistry and the history of the spices and, of course, their benefits for health. These benefits are represented in many forms, each spices has a dedicated page, but here are also charts and several health issues that have suggested herbs that can alleviate these issues. There are folk types of advice mixed in, beauty and home benefits from using herbs and a lot of recipes. -- Reviewer NetGalley

It's very refreshing to come across a book packed with solid, helpful information on healing and wellness that doesn't try to discredit modern medicine. There is absolutely a place for both in our lives, and crucial information is being lost in the delirium of "internet research." -- Reviewer NetGalley

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