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2020 Earth Changes Forecasts

 Tuesday, December 31, 2019

December 9 Anchorage, AK was
in the 50s--not since 1952. Hurricane-
force winds, no snow.
As predicted, 2019 Earth changes were super life-changing in different regions around America and the world. We're talking about the Southern California major earthquake, newsworthy winter snowstorms in California, and two hurricanes that slammed the Gulf States and The Bahamas. The Southeast states faced snow while Anchorage, Alaska fought summer wildfires, a sizzling summer, and the temperature hit a historical high in December.
As we enter a New Year, quakes, storms, and heat will continue to be sobering—most likely linked to climate change, say scientists.  Read on—and digest predictions with consequences for the planet. Yep, wild happenings may affect humans, wildlife, and nature’s circle of life. It’s a brand-new decade and new earth challenges are coming to you.

         Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Waves
West Coast: Californians dodged a bullet when a major earthquake hit Ridgecrest (a remote area in Southern California) not Greater Los Angeles. The populated region with many faults may rock with an epicenter there or near the Salton Sea on the San Andreas. It’s locked and ready as the experts say knowing we’re overdue. It’s not “if” but “when”; 70 percent probability a 7.8 plus will hit Los Angeles (likely epis: Malibu, Long Beach, Northridge) this year.
A major earthquake offshore Northern California, the San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay on the Hayward Fault or South on the San Andreas). 

Not to forget Anchorage, Alaska which rocked with a 7.0. Aftershocks will continue to occur for months, however, I predict there is the chance a great earthquake (8.0 plus) could happen near the region, whereas if it’s shallow there will be more damage to the infrastructure and a tsunami which didn’t happen. Redoubt Volcano may continue to be active; not to forget west in the Pacific Ocean...The Big Island may be affected by an aggressive earthquake swarm as well as more newsworthy volcanic activity.

Europe: The Mediterranean countries may be challenged again by major earthquakes, including Italy and Greece (the deadly Albania earthquake in 2019 was felt. At least one shaker will be shallow, in a major city, perhaps Rome, and likely a powerful 8.0.

Asia: Japan may rock and a tsunami is a possibility, similar to 2011. Also, Indonesia is not immune and a major earthquake with a big wave is also a challenge that could happen like on Boxing Day back in 2004.

Rain and Snow
The West Coast will get some rain and flooding in the entire state. However, a drought in the Golden State is likely. Land erosion and mudslides will continue due to warm winter from north to Alaska down to Southern California.
Italy, Spain, and France may experience heavy rainfall and flooding (as forecasted last year;
Venice was under water in the fall).
The Northeast and Midwest will get epic snowfall in the winter of 2020. Flooding in the springtime is likely the outcome. The balance of snow regarding the West and East will be noticeable to people who live in each region. Also, inconveniences will come with the severe weather, from affecting travel, mail, to health issues and life-threatening issue.


Storms, Storms, Storms
 Hurricanes may be more severe in 2020. The Gulf States, including Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi will be more likely to endure hurricanes than the Carolinas.  But the Northeast from New Jersey to Maine may also be in the line of water, so to speak. At least two Category 5 hurricanes will occur—with both making landfall and storm surges will be record breaking.
Twisters will likely accompany some these hurricanes. Also, rare twisters in California and other unlikely regions may happen. Monsoon season in the Southwest and wind storms in Nevada and the Midwest may make news for the record breaking events.

Wildfires are likely to continue year-round, due to both man-made or natural causes like lightning. The Southwest, Southern California, Northwest, including Alaska (again) are in the line of fire as well as the Northwest including Western Canada.  

       Strange Happenings
As we deal with tremors on the West Coast (including offshore Oregon, Northern California, and Seattle) other Earth challenges will keep us on guard.  Ongoing fracking will continue to make the Earth rock in Oklahoma—and may indeed affect the New Madrid Zone with a major earthquake. Also, more volcanic activity in the U.S.—especially Yellowstone, and Hawaii--creating alerts...and more.
A computer error will cause an alert for a natural disaster. It may cause panic and chaos but the end result will be a world collective sigh of relief. The region may be in the United States, the West Coast affecting many states.
 In 2020, homelessness due to wild climate will continue to soar and people will be affected by erratic temperatures—hot and cold. Due to extreme weather challenges, regions in the world and United States will feel nature’s wrath when it comes to fresh food resources. Farmers will be challenged, prices for some staple will spike.

People in all states and countries will learn to be more self-reliant, be more prepared by growing gardens to eating plant-based diets. Survival foods and first aid kits will not be only for the doomsday folks—it will be for people everywhere. Living in 2020 will be more challenging for commuting to work (more congestion and air pollution); traveling (more rough air and delayed flights); and play (more power outages). We will deal with the new normal of Earth changes and prevail.

* In the summer, on July 6, Southern California shook. A 7.1 shallow widespread shaker was reported felt throughout the state.
 Hurricane Dorian, a Category 5 hurricane made landfall in the Bahamas; the Caribbean region was part of the forecast for the year. It affected the East Coast of the United States; Hurricane Barry, a Category 1 affected the Gulf States with flooding.
* More than 11,000 aftershocks happened after the 7.1 Anchorage, Alaska earthquake that moved the Earth on November 30, 2019. Four hours after I left Anchorage on December 10, a 3.7 hit Anchorage, another aftershock, said scientists.
* A 6.0 rocked Greece on November 27, a day after the Albania earthquake. Both quakes could be foreshocks for a great quake in 2020.
* On October 15 a widely felt 4.5 earthquake rocked the San Francisco Bay Area.
* A few significant snowstorms did hit California and did make worldwide news.

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