Thursday, July 4, 2019

Frost Me with Jewelry, Naturally

By Cal Orey

I love jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets? Oh yeah.  It's all good. I must say at home or traveling you will find me clad in skinny jeans, a tee shirt, boots--and jewelry. I’m still a tom boy at heart but that doesn’t mean I will go bare. No way. Frost me with jewelry…Necklaces and Photo Necklaces:
In my forthcoming latest book in the Healing Powers Series, I include the importance of personalized jewelry to me. Charm bracelets to necklaces with lockets which I can add an essential oil makes me feel sensual, calm, energized and alive. The scent I use such as lavender is a part of me and Mother Nature. It's essential. 

 This fall I’m planning to go back to the Pacific Northwest. I’m talking Canada or Alaska. Whichever region it is, you can bet I will be taking my charms:
Earrings:  As a kid, I got my ears pierced against my mom’s wishes. It was a trend. It was a way of expressing myself. Since my tweens I’ve worn earrings—all kinds. Gold, silver studs to dangling varieties, too. Nowadays, I have 5 holes in my ears and wear four earrings. Today, I will add a fifth. It makes me feel complete. Earrings are an must-have and provide a personalized add-on to my look: Casual but chic. Kind of Bohemian 21st century style. It’s me.
Necklace (or two):These days I wear a heart shaped locket. Actually, any locket will suffice. Inside it I have a photos of my beloved Australian Shepherd, Skyler; and Siamese cat Zen and me. I love my dog and since I can’t take my big boy on a plane, a picture makes me feel like he’s with me all the way.
            When I chat it up with people on the airplane I will often say, “Want to see my dog?” I put my hand on the chain and locket and open up the accessory. “Isn’t is cute, big, and fluffy?” That ornament comes with me everywhere: The dentist to book signings. Not only have I always worn a necklace, but one with a photo and personalized is perfect. And that's not all. I usually wear another necklace, too. It seems to complement the look.
Bracelet(s): When I am on the road to go out of my comfort zone, get new stories to share in my books, bracelets come with me. That’s right. Currently, I have a silver bracelet that I adore. It’s simple but elegant. Also, I have a beaded bracelet given to me as a gift. It keeps me bonded to that special person. In fact, I have a photo of me wearing it. I was signing books at a Barnes and Noble book signing.

Rings: And rings? Yes, yes, yes. When I was in Montreal a few years ago I traveled by train to Quebec City. I ended up in a  jewelry shop. I was on the quest for a the perfect ring. I found it. It is still on my left hand. It's my connection to Canada, a place I will return.

            I love the bracelet. I love the necklace. I love the earrings. The jewelry makes me feel like a natural woman.

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