Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Feng Shui Secrets for Travel During Mercury RX

The placement of objects goes back centuries, thanks to Chinese art. Surprisingly, arranging nature’s foods in the house may bring you good health, harmony, and peace, too. The positive energy is worth the effort of putting things in a specific order, especially when the planets are misaligned. Read: When Mercury is in Retrograde think twice about packing your bags and traveling.

It's like Murphy's Law--anything that can go wrong often does just that.
Before I left on a spring vacation tossing caution to the wind, I put elements Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire to work.  To feel protected, I followed these feng shui tips, adapted from The Healing Powers of Superfoods (Citadel, 2019).

1. Seven lemons in a wooden bowl: Like putting nine oranges in a basket, lemons are similar. Not only are they symbolic of good health, but good energy, too.
2. Citrus cleaners: Putting to work cleaning agents with citrus, will provide a lingering clean scent, but also it’s eco-friendly and will give you better health and energy.
3. Nine green apples in a metal container:  Apples, another superfruit, are inexpensive, and placing green ones in a metal container provides many potential good-for-you images that may help you attain good health, prosperity, and peace.
4. Framed picture of home and superfoods: This can be an array of nature’s finest foods: fruits, cheese, and water—a splash of color reminding you of the healthful plant-based diet at home and in foreign Canada.

Taking a Trip During Mercury Rx

So, what in Earth could go wrong during a Mercury Retrograde period? If you’re thinking about taking a vacay during a period when the placement of planets are out of kilter, think again. During pre-spring, I booked a flight to Ontario Canada, tuning out the online calendar showing three weeks highlighted in red. Read: Warning! Despite my sixth sense to go during the planets displacement, the weather gods were on my side. And my home was in order thanks to Feng Shui, right?
I must tell you I did sense something would go wrong. Images of rough air to the plane diverting to a state like Ohio or Texas haunted me. After all, I was going out of the country!   Still, for protection I got all my ducks in a row at home. Oddly, I took extra ibuprofen in case there was an earthquake or some movement I couldn’t control. Smooth flying, right? Wrong. 
I admit the three a.m. drive to the airport was efficient without traffic.  Going through TSA was a breeze. Treating myself to a first class seat, I walked onto the plane anticipating an exciting, well-deserved trip to recharge my batteries.  When I lifted my bag into the overhead compartment, I felt toxic energy next to me. Then, BAM! A hard object slammed my right face—cheek to the jawbone. A passenger wrestling with an over sized steel carry on hit me—in the line of friendly fire.
I was whisked off the plane. “Do you want to see the paramedics?” and “Should you cancel and rebook your flight?” questions were flying around me. I snapped, “They’re not dentists” and “I am going on my trip.”  Sitting back down in my window seat, I was soon holding a napkin full of ice on my cheek. Fast forward to landing safely out of the states into customs.
Hours later arriving to my four star hotel room, I was whooped. The facial pain hit me. Dinner was room service (soft food) in bed. Plus, one bucket of ice for my face. Ironically, I treated myself to a disaster movie marathon, while nursing my injury. 
The next day, after scheduling a trip to see a foreign dentist, I rerouted my appointment. I booked an early flight home for an E.R. dental visit. 
My only source of escape during the water trip that tanked, was pampering in a hotel room Soaker Tub with a view of Lake Ontario and overlooking the fish aquarium I never attended..

In the airport, more Mercury RX surprises. I learned my window seat was not available. “An aisle seat?” I repeated. I couldn’t do it. I felt like I was going back into the eye of a tornado. “Luggage will drop on my head!” My heart raced. As we boarded the plane, like a “Final Destination” film sequel, an airline clerk supervisor ran up to me, “I got you a window seat! Someone gave it up for you.”  Sitting cozy gazing out the window, a charming man sat down on the aisle seat next to me. I told him about my incident and he said, “Mercury Retrograde.” He got it. When we became acquainted, I said, “You must be an Air Sun Sign.” “Libra, September 27,” he answered. He was the one. The man who had the same birthday as my ex soulmate had given me his seat. So, was it fate or Feng Shui at work?
Perhaps, my making my home a magnet to attract good energy did protect me against the disorderly planets. The dental diagnosis: I survived body and mind.  Justice was served, thanks to Feng Shui bringing out its positive outcome--the mishap was noted as not my fault. In other words, I will be able to go on a redo travel adventure. But, but, but I vow to go when the planets are in sync. 

Motto: Do not travel during Mercury Retrograde unless you must do it. Then, wear a helmet for safety’s sake—and a little Feng Shui before your departure couldn’t hurt.  After all, I did enjoy good health and peace, right? But thanks to Mercury in Retrograde and tuning out my instincts (which I know better not to do), I had to pay the price by experiencing a surreal vacation gone wrong. 

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