Sunday, March 17, 2019

Eastern Canada...Next Up Adventure

Going to Eastern Canada...

Memories of Victoria Linger

By Cal Orey

Soon, I'll be packing my bags (okay, they're packed since the last trip that was canceled at the eleventh hour). I will be leaving on a jet plane to Ontario, Canada. While I'm excited to revisit the region I once hitchhiked to with a dog, I still am fond of Western Canada...Here's why...

Twice when I was visiting Vancouver, British Columbia, I was smitten by the warmth and airy ambiance of tearooms, fresh, warm scones with clotted cream and tea--genuine deliciousness. This recipe is straight from the prestigious Vancouver Fairmont Hotel's chef and and place where I feel like a princess when sipping tea and savoring a fresh, warm scone. (Raisin Scones recipe, page 16, The Healing Powers of Tea)  

At Victoria, I didn't have scones or need the "tearoom experience" as I tried to tell the restaurant servers--after all, I wrote the book on it!  (But I did enjoy cool, creamy homemade gelato and iced tea, found at a small indoor shop on a corner while strolling on the streets and talking to an elderly couple from the UK whom made me feel at home.) And, at the popular Fairmont tearoom on the island. I savored two cups of  white tea (it was calming and refreshing), a garden salad with heirloom tomatoes drizzled with an olive oil and vinegar dressing. Not to forget the semi-adventurous boat tour of The Gorge.  Note to self: Go on whale tour next time and experience swells and sea life. 
Funny, I was hoping for a few waves and choppy water but none happened--smooth sailing as was the flight to and from the island. (This surprised me since it was my fear to take the small CRJ700 but it was a nice flight, no cloud cover.)  We did see one sea creature, a few swimmers... the history of the water inlet was fascinating as was the guide, much like trying a new type of tea. Swimming each morning (the pool was all mine), followed by a soak in the adjoining hot tub, drinking bottled water--and tea day, afternoon, and nighttime was bliss. 
The island shuts down early, it was the most calming Canada trip I've taken and romantic memories linger when sipping a fave cup of tea. I happily share my tea tales of on the road and visiting tearooms, sipping teas--all types, and enjoying inspired travels that I recreated in recipes for both The Healing Powers of Tea and The Healing Powers of Honey.  

On the Road Again--Gerbil Escapes Cabin
Tea and Tub Time?
Oh yeah!
While I got my fill of tea and scones in Western Canada, tea will be part of my journey.  I'm sure tea will be available in Eastern Canada--and a tea device is certain to be in my hotel room. Yes, I'm bringing my own stash of chamomile.
Thinking about bringing home those unforgettable maple syrup cookies and/or a maple leaf tattoo. Not to forget visiting the Ripley's Aquarium and more water explorations, including a salt water swimming pool and soaker tub! Yep, water is part of this trip, as always. Boat adventure? I suppose it depends on the weather and waters.

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