Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Climate Change(s) for 2019--Turbulence Ahead!

As predicted, 2018 Earth changes walloped our country in different regions, from the West Coast, East Coast, South, and Midwest. We're talking about wildfires in the West, a rare major earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska (the strongest seismic activity since the great 1964 tremor), epic volcanic action leading to an odd 6.9 earthquake in Hawaii, autumn snowstorms in the Deep South, and hurricanes on the East Coast...

These events are more than likely connected to climate change, resembling scenes out of the film “The Day After Tomorrow,” and we’re going to see more erratic events in the New Year. 
It is the year to be ready for unusual Earth events. This means wacky snowstorms in warm regions and lack of precipitation in normally cold regions will open our eyes to global warming. Read on—and take a peek at what may happen in the United States and around the world. Like last year, it is a new year with new challenges, whether you’re at home or traveling on the road, in the sky, or on the water. It’s a time to be ready for nature’s wrath--the new normal.

Predictions for the New Year

* California, one of the top three shakiest states (Alaska and Hawaii are part of the trio) did get some shakers but nothing significant. In 2019, a major earthquake offshore Northern California, the San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay, South Bay or Coastal and on the San Andreas)…

…Southern California (Greater Los Angeles or near the Salton Sea and on the San Andreas) will most likely strike. I predict at least one of these hot spots will experience a shallow and strong earthquake that will make news around the world. If it is near a major city, shallow, happens during commute hours on a weekday catastrophic infrastructure, injuries, and deaths may be the end result.
Tahoe-Reno: 5-6.0 Possible
* Not to forget Anchorage, Alaska which rocked with a 7.0. Aftershocks will continue to occur for months, however, I predict there is the chance a stronger quake could happen near the region, whereas if it’s shallow there will be more damage to the infrastructure and a tsunami which didn’t happen.
* On December 12, a shallow 4.4 earthquake temblor rocked Tennessee, one of seven states in the New Madrid Zone. It could be a foreshock. A major earthquake may happen and will be felt in more than a dozen states in the Midwest and Northeast.
* Europe may be challenged by major earthquakes, including Italy and Greece (the 6.8 felt on October 25 in 2018 could have been a foreshock). At least one shaker will be shallow, in a major city, and likely a powerful 8.0.

        Rain and Snow Events

As Earth changes continue to shock us, in 2019, according to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) forecasts weather will be warmer in the majority of the United States. Also noted: higher than average temperatures; the South and East Coast will get more precipitation than normal.
As a native Californian, I predict a repeat drought in our Golden State is likely (despite one or two major snowstorms in the northern state, mudslides throughout the State with power outages), and more coastal chunks of cliffs (like at Big Sur) will erode and fall into the sea.
European countries including Italy, Spain, and France may experience heavy rainfall and flooding, especially in coastal regions in the winter and summer.

 Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Wildfires
 Hurricanes may be more severe in 2019. The Gulf States, including Texas, Mississippi and on the East coast making landfall in North Carolina or South Carolina. At least three Category 5 hurricanes will occur—with two making landfall; not to exclude Mexico and/or the Caribbean. Tornadoes will likely accompany some these hurricanes. Also, rare twisters will happen in states that will be surprising and make international news.
Wildfires in the West are likely to continue year-round and cause significant damage. The Southwest, Southern California, Northwest, and Midwest are in the line of fire as well as the Northwest including Western Canada.

        On the Fringe
As we deal with shaky ground and mild weather do to climate change, other challenges will keep us on guard. As always, politics will cause shake-ups, affecting air quality. Ongoing fracking will continue to make the Earth rock in Oklahoma and other states. Also, more volcanic activity in the U.S., is probable. Perhaps Hawaii will start shaking again, as well as Redoubt Volcano in Alaska or Yellowstone creating alerts...and more.
 Despite the erratic Earth changes, people in the United States will be forced to become more mindful and self-reliant, be more prepared with first aid kits and survival foods in case a natural disaster hits their home or even our entire nation. Whatever Earth challenges happen, as always, we will persevere and become country strong(er).

Spot-On 2018 Visions That Came True

* On January 4, the San Francisco Bay Area’s East Bay rocked; a 4.4 in Berkeley hit at 2:39 a.m., and was reported felt by 40,000 people. It was on the Hayward Fault.
* On October 22, British Columbia, part of the Cascadia Subduction Zone, did rock with a 6.8 at Port Hardy, Canada but no tsunami.  
* On January 23, Kodiak, Alaska was indeed rocked by a January 7.9; and on November 30, a 30 second earthquake rumbled through Anchorage causing major infrastructure damage, a West Coast tsunami alert, and hundreds of aftershocks.
* The Eastern Seaboard was indeed slammed by hurricanes… There were two Category 4 hurricanes—Michael (which hit Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia); and Florence (which affected the East Coast).
* And note, deadly wildfires in California did happen; Paradise in the northern state was nearly destroyed. Air quality due to the California wildfires was reported extremely unhealthy in some areas, including Sacramento.

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