Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Dog Speaks Out to Readers for Bone-a-fide Book Reviews

By Cal Orey

REVIEW The Healing Powers of Tea (Publishers Weekly)
Dog makes the cut in author's series

My Dear Readers,

Hello. My name is Skyler. I'm a fun-loving, loyal , Type-A action-oriented, cerebral male five-year-old Australian Shepherd. I adore my mistress but... between me and you I desperately need your help.
Woman's best friend (and literary spokespet)

My human's latest books in her Healing Powers Series, The Healing Powers of Tea and The Healing Powers of Honey are lacking reviews. These two books are available at fine bookstores everywhere. (She told me to say that.) Please help or I'm going to be the victim of an author's love. Translation: She will either drag me along on these boring trips or leave me home alone. It's a Catch-22.

Yes, I survived the drive in this en route to
the book event
In March she took me on a spooky trek through a snowstorm to sign her TEA books. Ironically, these puppies sold more without her than with her and me. It was kind of fun going but come on--driving on a slippery road without treats is a bit over the top. And I had to keep her calm because we drove at a snail's pace to avoid slipping and sliding and well, it was surreal.
A dog's paradise, I was home alone
Then, in April what does my pet parent do? Second canine flu shot (booster) kennel cough shot, and into the dog-friendly kennel I went! Ugh. And she left to go to Gilroy and the coast. Not fair. Not fair.

This time it was a quickie. (I did get a bath!) And when she rescued me on Sunday afternoon (I thought she was going to bust down the door; she was an hour late after the acceptable pick-up hour) I wagged my bum I was so thrilled to be free again.
Me happy

400+ Amazon Reviews for bestselling book in
Healing Powers Series
So, people, I am sitting up and asking you to fetch a copy of the tea and/or honey books (and other topics you like)--and read it, review it on a bookstore website (where you found it). This way, I don't have to go along on one of these no dogs allowed book events or worse be incarcerated in the dog place. Just some honest words about the book(s) you choose and read will suffice. 

P.S. If you have any questions about tea, honey, olive oil, vinegar, coffee, chocolate, superfoods--just ask. I am a herding breed! I've got this.

Signed and Retrieved for You,


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