Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ponderings...Leaving on a Jet Plane to Alaska

By Cal Orey

Today I realized that before I go away on trips that entail a book signing and adventure it's like being on an obstacle course. I always get the dog, cat, and myself a health check-up. I guess that's what a health author is expected to do.
And I always go to the dentist. If you have ever seen "Castaway" it's a head's up to get a clean bill of dental health. You just never know where you may end up and having a bad toothache is the last thing you want to deal with. So now...everyone is healthy. 

Alaska Adventure
I seem to have the "glow" before I go
Getting there is an adventure in itself since there is no nonstop flight from here to there. So it will be a day/night before I make my way from Lake Tahoe to Anchorage. But that's okay. It's part of the fun, right? The good thing is, I'm not taking an early morning flight so I should be rested. And no, I haven't told the dog that mommy is going away for a short bit. I don't have the heart to do it.

Every time I look at Things To Do in Alaska I get lost. I really want to visit the fish aquarium but it's in Seward. I'm booked at a hotel in Anchorage so staying in the smaller town doesn't seem practical.  The nature tour may suffice if I get to see a moose or two. But I really have this thing about fish.

Fall Time
I don't understand why I end up traveling during autumn, my favorite time when it's off season and the town is quiet, peaceful, it's a local's paradise. But I won't be gone too long so it's good.
Feeling excited about the change of seasons--trees turn color, the heater kicks, on, baking muffins, swimming at the indoor pool, cooking soups, making the first fire, cuddling up with kitty and puppy inside the cozy bed with flannel sheets--is on my mind but so is going out of the state to one state I've never been but now the timing is right.

Every day, whether it is in the morning or late at night I get images of Alaska but none of it seems real until I go. I suppose the biggest challenge is leaving my dog and cat--my two best friends. I know they'll be in good hands but it never gets any easier. So...until I get closer to the day I leave it's more wrapping up loose ends... and getting ready for autumn bliss when I return as a more seasoned traveler.

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