Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Gifts From The Hive-The Healing Powers of HONEY+

* GIVEAWAY! The Healing Powers of Honey (you can grab a copy at fine bookstores) and a free Olive Oil book-
plus Honey Ridge Farms Must-Haves for
Heart Health Month, V-Day, and Pre-Spring
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Gifts From The Hive-3
Honey, olive oil and vinegar. It’s a classic combination for dressing salads and greens, offering great flavor, and when enjoyed in moderation, healthful benefits. In celebration of Heart Health Month, we’re excited to partner on a special giveaway, offering Honey Ridge Farms raw honey crèmes, balsamic honey vinegar and the Healing Powers of Olive Oil Book. Enter HERE. And, please do share this delicious giveaway with family and friends. Bee Healthy! Best regards, Leeanne Goetz, Owner -www.honeyridgefarms.com
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